On Wednesday, after attending a church service, Justin Bieber accidentally hit a photographer with his black Dodge Ram, sending the man to the hospital. According to a report by PEOPLE, the paparazzo did not have critical injuries. The Canadian pop singer remained at the scene when the paramedics and police arrived. According to witnesses, the incident appeared to be an accident as there were many photographers in the area. Bieber was trying to leave the place after the service but the photographers surrounded his truck, and that was when he accidentally struck one of the paparazzi.

Justine Bieber: Not charged with criminal liability

According to the police, the 23-year old pop star was not charged with criminal liability. In video captured by TMZ, Bieber was driving slowly when he struck the photographer. As he slowly pulled forward, the crowd dispersed. One photographer stepped toward the car and was struck. He fell down and Bieber got out the truck to check on him. The 57-year old paparazzo was taken to the nearby hospital with injuries that were not critical. According to police Sergeant Matthew Stout, the pop star was not charged as the incident was just an accident. Sgt. Stout also said that Bieber had fully cooperated with the investigation the whole the time.

Bieber canceled his worldwide tour due to 'unforeseen events'

"Love yourself" singer Justin Biber recently announced that he will be canceling the rest of the scheduled dates of his "Purpose Tour" because "of unforeseen circumstances." The world tour started in March 2016 showcasing hits like "What do you mean?" and "Sorry." According to Pollstar, "Purpose" tour has already grossed to $163.3 million since it began.

In a statement posted on Bieber's official Facebook page, Bieber's cancellation of the "Purpose tour" was officially announced. Show affected begin with Saturday's show in Arlington, Texas. All tickets for the show will be refunded. According to CNN, shortly after the cancellation of his show, Bieber was seen near Santa Monica beach.

In an interview with TMZ, he said that he was there to rest and get some relaxation.

Hating to disappoint his fans, Bieber sent a message to all his fans saying, "I love you all guys, I think you guys are awesome. Sorry for anybody who feels disappointed or betrayed. It's not my heart or anything." He thanked his fans for the support and the incredible experience of the "Purpose World Tour" over the last 18 months.