Ever since the Release Date for “Wonder Woman 2” was confirmed by the Warner Bros. Studio, fans have been celebrating the news on social media. The announcement has surely delighted the fans of the movie, who can’t wait to catch a glimpse of the Amazonian warrior, Diana Prince, played by actress, Gal Gadot.

Wonder Woman sequel announced at Comic-Con

The “Wonder Woman” sequel was quite a certainty, especially after the massive success of its predecessor. But it was the lack of any official announcement had made things pretty cloudy but those days are now a thing of the past.

According to recent reports, Warner Bros. Studio has announced the release date of the sequel and it will be arriving in theaters on December 13, 2019. It is worth mentioning here that the sequel for the movie received a confirmation from Warner Bros. at the recently-held San Diego Comic-Con.

The fans are ecstatic after hearing the announcement about the sequel's release date. And they have expressed their joy and happiness, after the announcement was made, on social media with tweets and .gif posts. One fan even expressed admiration for the year 2019 as the year holds a lot in store. Notably, the year will see Batman, Captain Marvel and now Wonder Woman 2 hitting the theatres.

Patty Jenkins might be returning as director, however

However, there is no word about director Patty Jenkins and if she would return to helm the affairs in the second installment. The chances of the director returning for “Wonder Woman” sequel are pretty high as in a past interview, Geoff Johns, writer, and co-runner of DC Extended Universe had said that he was working with Patty on the sequel’s writing and they plan to make another amazing movie together.

He had also said that he enjoyed working with her on the first movie and would love to team up with her once again.

As for Jenkins, she had also made remarks about the sequel. In an interview, the director had said that she would set the “Wonder Woman” sequel in the US and this came soon after Toby Emmerich, CCO, and president of Warner Bros.

Pictures said that the sequel will not revolve around World War I.

However, Patty Jenkins has not come out in the open about her involvement in the sequel but, she is very likely to give a confirmation in future. It is said that her hesitance is a negotiation trick to get higher fees from Warner Bros.