Julie and Todd Chrisley seem to be doing great on their show "Chrisley Knows Best." Now, Radar Online is sharing that Julie was allegedly still married when she started dating Todd years ago. A lot of people don't even know what Julie was married before, but a source close to her ex-husband is now speaking out.

All about Julie Chrisley's first marriage

Julie was married to Kenneth Wayne Childress on March 15, 1991, when she was only 18 years old. They were high school sweethearts, but their marriage didn't end up working out. This was pretty young to get married. Julie’s former sister-in-law Kellie Adair is speaking out and said that Julie was still married to him when she started seeing her now husband, Todd Chrisley.

She went on to explain that her brother actually found a note in Julie's car and it had Todd's number on it, which caused a fight for them. She didn't say if this was what caused the split or if i lasted a bit longer than that for these two.

Kenny's mom won't even talk about the alleged fair, but she said that Julie was a "bad girl." It sounds like they aren't big fans of her at all. Her ex was a motorcycle rider, pipefitter and also worked in construction. It turns out that he passed away back in 2012.

Julie and Todd stay quiet

The thing is Julie, and Todd Chrisley are staying quiet about these accusations that she was married when she started dating Todd. The fans would really love to hear their thoughts, but they normally don't speak out about rumors like this one.

Honestly, it would be pretty surprising if Todd and Julie ever share their thoughts. More than likely, these two will stay quiet just like they always do.

There have also been rumors recently that Todd and Julie Chrisley are living separate lives and that their marriage isn't going very well. The rumors said that Todd and Julie act totally different when the cameras aren't on than they do when they are rolling.

A source said that they can't even tolerate each other. Todd and Julie still aren't responding to these rumors at all either. The source shared that they will never split, though.

Are you shocked to hear that Julie Chrisley was married before? Do you feel like she was still married when she started dating Todd? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Chrisley Knows Best" when it returns to USA.

They probably won't address the rumors there either, but you never know.

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