Ever since the big scandal, Josh Duggar has been quiet and isn't even seen on the show "Counting On." Now, Josh and his wife Anna actually went to the Duggar Family Blog to share a video. This isn't an update from Josh and Anna, though. Instead, it is just a video wishing Jill and Derick the best on their new bundle of joy. They just had their baby boy. This is the second child for Jill and Derick. Jessa and Ben have two as well.

What did Josh and Anna have to say in the video?

You can see the video below, but they are basically wishing Jill and Derick the best.

Samuel Scott Dillard was born on Saturday via C-section and there is only one picture out of him so far. As Blasting News shared, the fans are actually worried a bit that they haven't shown any pictures of Jill lately. There are none out of her since she had her little boy.

The video shows all of them yelling out "Congratulations" and then Josh Duggar actually speaks up. Josh tells them that they are excited that the new baby is here. Anna talks about how the kids are happy to have another cousin. Then the kids speak up and share their thoughts a bit. Anna keeps talking a bit more, but it was kind of shocking to actually hear Josh speak out. He has been very quiet since it all went down.

How are Josh and Anna Duggar doing now?

Josh and Anna Duggar actually announced that they are expecting their fifth child, but haven't shared a due date. They revealed the news back in March. It looks like they are doing a lot better now than they were right after the scandal was revealed. Josh has been in sex rehab and is back again home with his family.

He has been working on himself. It looks like this may have been enough to fix his marriage.

The show "19 Kids and Counting" was canceled after Josh's scandal, but they brought it back as "Counting On." Now the show is about the older Duggar kids and doesn't Josh at all. His wife Anna and his kids are on there from time to time, but the fans don't get to see them near as often as they used to get to.

Are you shocked to see Josh Duggar speaking out once again? Do you think that they could end up putting him back on the show eventually? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss watching "Counting On" when new episodes air on Monday nights on TLC. So far, Josh isn't back on the show, but the fact that they are showing him on videos online again has everyone wondering if that could end up changing in the future at some point.