Jill Duggar Dillard is close to having her second baby. They already have Israel and already shared that their second son will be named Samuel. The Stir revealed that Derick Dillard recently confused everyone and made them think that Jill already had her baby, but that isn't the case.

What did Derick Dillard do to confuse everyone?

Derick Dillard went to his Instagram page on Thursday just to put up a simple picture that was for Throwback Thursday. This was a picture of their son Israel when he was first born. Derick was just remembering when his little boy was born, but the fans went nuts and thought that he was posting a new picture of their new baby.

That wasn't the case at all, though. Derick and Jill's new baby hasn't been born yet, even though he will be here before you know it.

When Derick Dillard posted the picture, he even put the hashtag "Newborn pic with Israel when he was just a tiny 9.5 lbs back in 2015. #tbt #prouddad." Several people totally missed what he posted though and just simply saw the picture of the baby. Others thought that he might be hinting that the baby is here or almost here.

When will Jill Dillard give birth?

Jill Duggar Dillard isn't actually far from giving birth to her new baby. They promised fans that they would be back in the United States before the baby was born and they have already been here a while. They made it back in time for weddings and the birth of their new baby.

Fans were really worried about her not being in the United States when the baby was born.

It has been estimated that Jill Dillard is due with her new baby around August of 2017. Jill did announce her pregnancy pretty early. That means that Jill could give birth anytime now. She has been doing great in this pregnancy so far and really hopes to be able to give birth at home and not have to go to the hospital and have a c-section like she ended up having to do with her son Israel.

Jill is home with her family and ready to give birth as soon as her son is ready to join the world.

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You know that they will announce when Jill Dillard has her baby and the fans can't wait to hear the news. It won't be airing right away though because they actually just aired Jessa Duggar Seewald's big birth episode for her second son Henry.