The 13th season of “Doctor Who” has been officially announced to have a female lead star. The former star of the hit series is happy with his replacement.

The 13th Doctor Who officially revealed

BBC has officially announced the 13th Doctor Who! The new doctor to replace Peter Capaldi is no other than the ace actress Jodie Whittaker.

BBC took to its official Twitter account the announcement. The network posted a video clip introducing Whittaker as the new time lord. In the clip, the new mysterious doctor was shown walking through a forest wearing a long hooded jacket.

Towards the end of the clip, the doctor removed the hoodie and revealed the pretty face of Whittaker.

Prior to the video confirmation, BBC of America also took time to post a teaser clip on Twitter. The video flashes the number “13” integrated in various significant landmarks and tourist spots. However, this first clip did not drop any hint about the new doctor. It only showed the number “13” hinting on the upcoming new season of “Doctor Who.”

What about Jodie Whittaker?

In an interview with BBC of America, Jodie Whittaker shared her excitement on the upcoming series.

She said that she is “beyond excited” and honored to do the role. She also feels that the doing the lead role is “very nerve-racking.”

In the report by BBC, it also revealed that the decision to make Whittaker as the replacement of Capaldi was made by the new executive producer Chris Chibnall. As previous reports have floated, the former EP Steven Moffat has already bid farewell to the show.

Apparently, the idea of having a woman as the 13th Doctor has always been in the heart of the new EP. Chibnall revealed in the interview that Whittaker was their top choice. The new doctor’s audition for the role was extremely impressive and made her surpass the other actors who have also auditioned. The new executive producer believes that the actress’ wit, skills and strength as an actress will give justice to the role of the 13th Doctor.

Meanwhile, Capaldi has also shared his views on the latest doctor. According to the actor, he believes that Whittaker has incredible acting skills and that she would surely be a “fantastic Doctor.”

How did the fans react to the new Doctor Who?

Looking at the comments on the official video, there were various reactions on the revelation of the new lead star of “Doctor Who.” Some did not like the idea that the new doctor would be a female. The fans justified that having a female Doctor Who is like having a female James Bond.

However, other fans also expressed their ideas on the new female star of the hit series. Others commended Whittaker for being a great actress and expect that she could do an excellent job as the new time lord as well. Whereas, others also mentioned that it does not matter if the new doctor is a female, because what is most important is the impressive storyline of the popular series.