rachel lindsay is very happy about how her reign on The Bachelorette ended—the Dallas attorney has been vocal about the fact that she found love during her starring stint on the ABC reality show. But on her latest blog for People magazine, Rachel is pinpointing the exact moment she knew she was falling in love. One week ahead of the all-important hometown dates, Rachel Lindsay was smitten with someone—or, as it turns out, some thing!

Rachel reveals she found love

Spoiler sites have already predicted who Rachel Lindsay ends up with, but even the biggest spoiler king sometimes gets it wrong.

On her blog, Rachel revealed that her week in Switzerland was the week that she Fell In Love. “This is the week I really fell in love," Lindsay wrote. “With Geneva that is!”

Rachel described the Switzerland city as “one of the most darling destinations in the world” and she will always remember it as the setting for one of the most emotional weeks in her entire “Bachelorette” experience. Rachel revealed that it was extremely difficult for her to choose which four men she would give roses to and take on her hometown dates. Rachel went on one-on-one dates with Brian, Peter, and Dean, and then a three-on-one date with Adam, Matt, and Eric.

Which suitor almost got snubbed?

On her blog, Rachel Lindsay admitted that she almost didn’t give Dean a rose.

His immature behavior at dinner—a cover-up for the complicated family matters that were really on his mind—apparently bothered her. Rachel wrote that Dean kept steering the conversation back to dinosaurs and tooth fairies. “Going into the dinner portion I was skeptical I would be handing out a rose that night,” Lindsay revealed.

On the flip side, Peter’s hesitation about moving forward with Rachel clearly got to her. “The Bachelorette" suitor admitted that he doesn’t throw the word "love" around freely, but that he felt he was headed in that direction with her. Peter also promised Rachel that if they got to the end of their journey and he didn't feel that he was in love with her, he would tell her up front.

In the end, Rachel said goodbye to Matt and Adam after a three-on-one date that included Eric. On his blog for Yahoo TV, “Bachelorette” host Chris Harrison revealed that the supersized date was the very first three-on-one date in the franchise’s history.

As for next week’s hometown dates, Rachel Lindsay reveals that they are "unbelievable” and “emotional.”

"The Bachelorette" airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.