Fans have been watching Jinger Duggar Vuolo and her new husband, Jeremy Vuolo, like a hawk as they await any kind of pregnancy news of the pair. Jinger Duggar has already broken the mold of the rest of her married sisters by not immediately becoming pregnant with her first child after the honeymoon. She has also been wearing pants and heels, something that she was not allowed to do growing up in the Duggar family.

But now the pair have made headlines again for totally different reasons: her pastor husband, Jeremy, though he allows his wife to wear pants and heels, thinks that Donald Trump has a direct line to God.

Donald Trump given the authority of God

Jeremy Vuolo spoke the controversial statement last week as he preached to his flock in Laredo, Texas. The reality TV star stated, "People are ordained to governmental positions. Donald Trump has been delegated or given the authority of God." He even went as far as to say that Kim Jong Un has also been given the authority of God, which has some people raising their eyebrows.

It is unclear if the Duggars voted for Trump or another candidate during the 2016 election. Though they have always been right-leaning, many Republicans wrote in other leaders or abstained from voting altogether. And while they have been active in politics in the past, their preference for a president has not been discussed.

Jeremy's statements in context

Many people seemed to jump to conclusions about Jeremy's comments, thinking that he meant that anything Trump does is blessed by God. However, it seems that isn't exactly what Jeremy meant with those comments. Instead, he was stating that all world leaders are ordained by God, but like any human, they have free will to do whatever they please.

This means that although they have a lot of power, they are able to abuse it at any time.

Jinger Duggar's husband was blasted on Facebook for his comments, as several people asked if it would be the will of God if Trump ended up being impeached and someone else took over as president.

Jinger and her husband, however, continue to enjoy their lives together as a married couple without children and have not made any statements about when they are ready to actually have them.

They have not made it known whether or not they are adhering to the Duggar beliefs of having as many children as "the Lord allows them to" like Jinger's parents have decided to do, nor have they stated if they want children at all.