It's either Jennifer Garner is really happy and unfazed after news of Ben Affleck Dating a "Saturday Night Live" producer broke out, or she's just a terrific actress. Although Garner and Affleck have both been separated for a few years already, the two have never been open about dating a new person until now.

In fact, fans have continued to hope that there might still be a chance for reconciliation because, even though they have already announced their separation, they still see each other often and go on family trips as if they were still married.

The recent news about Ben Affleck dating Lindsay Shookus has been one of the headlines last week and fans are wondering about the reaction of the "Alias" actress.

While the 45-year old A-lister has not released an official statement about the dating news, paparazzi decided to take a simpler route and look for clues by following Lindsay Shookus around. As one famous line goes, "a picture paints a thousand words."

All is well: Jennifer Garner looks bright and sunny after church

The paparazzi recently took a slew of photos of Jennifer Garner while she was with her kids outside a church. According to Mail Online, Jennifer Garner was spotted with her three kids all smiles after their church service.

Her public appearance was considered to be a crucial sighting because it was just days after it was revealed that Ben Affleck had moved in together with Lindsay Shookus.

Granting that Garner and Affleck opened up about their mutual separation a few years ago, the latter's romantic involvement with someone new was considered to be a big development in their separation as it was the first time that one of them began dating again.

No signs of hurt and jealousy

Judging from the paparazzi shots, Jennifer Garner seemed in good spirits and unaffected by the fact that her ex-husband has moved on with a new girlfriend.

It could be that she is too busy taking care of her kids to even be bothered by the news.

Meanwhile, her fans are also hoping that just like Ben Affleck, she can find a new love soon. However, looking at her cheery and independent disposition, it looks the actress is not in a hurry to find a new man in her life. Since she and Affleck are still co-parenting, a photo of the ex-spouses with Lindsay Shookus might surface in the weeks to come.

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