jax taylor from “Vanderpump Rules” may be the prime example of someone who refuses to grow up. Over the years, he's received plenty of criticism for the way he's handled various decisions in this life, including not wanting to grow up.

On “Vanderpump Rules,Jax Taylor has worked as a bartender for years and as he is nearing 40, he continues to work as a bartender and he continues to flirt with and possibly sleep with other women. When he met Brittany Cartwright, he slowed down and became a one-woman man. It sounds like his friends are happy that his life is slowing down a little bit.

He revealed that he shops online

But there's one thing that's not changing too much and that's his drinking. As it turns out, his drinking may have some severe consequences for his bank account despite his big paycheck from “Vanderpump Rules.”

On Twitter, Taylor recently revealed that he had gotten drunk and then decided to go online and purchase Amazon items that he technically didn't need. He reveals that the following day he received a ton of items from Amazon that he does not remember ordering. As it turns out, it might not have been necessary to buy the items at all.

No longer drunk texting people

Of course, one could argue that Jax isn't necessarily a big spender, as he has revealed that he often stole things from SUR while he was at work. This included cutlery, booze, and other things from his boss, Lisa Vanderpump. This has been shown on “Vanderpump Rules” several times, as he’s had to hide all the stuff from SUR when Lisa came over.

It's very interesting that Jax Taylor is comparing this drunk online shopping to drunk texting. It is something that he does when he's drunk but it's also something that he regrets the next day. He argues that this is probably the newer version of drunk texting, but at least his girlfriend Brittany Cartwright won't get jealous of his online shopping.

She may just be upset with him spending all this money on stuff that he doesn't need. But many would argue that he can probably afford it, as the “Vanderpump Rules” stars probably receive a fairly big paycheck from filming the reality show.

What do you think about Jax Taylor’s spending in regard to his drunk Amazon ordering? Do you feel sorry for him or do think it's hilarious that he went on Amazon intoxicated and decided to order a bunch of stuff he doesn't need? How do you think Brittany reacted when Amazon dropped off several packages for them?