Teresa and Joe Giudice are still together while he is behind bars and she is at home taking care of the girls. In Touch Weekly shared that Teresa is now planning a new tell-all book and she is allegedly going to trash Joe in it. This is pretty shocking considering they are still together at this time. This will be Teresa's second book.

What is Teresa allegedly going to say in the book?

An insider is speaking out and said that Teresa Giudice has "plans to reveal what it was really like in the days after Joe went to prison." The source went on to explain that Teresa is just putting on a happy face.

Joe is spending about five years in prison, which isn't going to be easy on her. There is also the chance that he could end up being deported when he gets out of prison.

The source says that Teresa is still really upset with Joe for the situation that he put his entire family in and a lot of it could come out in the book. Things were going really well when they got in trouble and according to the source, Teresa Giudice is upset that their lives have changed so much after spending a year in jail and now Joe going to prison. They don't have the same kind of money they used to have and aren't able to buy stuff or take trips like they used to be able to do before all of this went down.

What is going on for Teresa now?

Things have changed a lot for Teresa Giudice.

She is still on "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," but now she is taking care of her daughter's on her own. The insider shared that now Teresa isn't visiting Joe in jail near as much as she was before, so she could be moving on. The source even said that Teresa Giudice might end up not following Joe if he gets deported. That would shock the fans, but for now Joe doesn't know if he is going to be sent or not.

Teresa is going to continue to be on "RHONJ." They actually ended up waiting on last season so that Teresa could be on it. This is a way that the fans can see an update on the girls and how Teresa is doing. You probably won't get to see Joe at all, but when Teresa was in jail you could hear phone calls that she had with Joe and the girls. The fans would enjoy if they got to see a bit about Joe on the show, but nobody knows if that will happen or not.

Are you surprised to hear that Teresa Giudice is planning to write another book while Joe is in prison? Do you feel like she will really trash him? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" when it returns to Bravo.

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