Teen Wolf fans should now rejoice as the show’s creators revealed that its final season will premiere this year, July 30. The installment will be the conclusion of the series, which includes 10 episodes for viewers to watch. Spoilers suggest that the sixth season will introduce a new group of skilled hunters in Beacon Hills. In addition, Casey Deidrick is also set to form part of the show as a supernatural creature. What else can fans expect from the hit series?

Diedrick and his character revealed, is he good?

Just recently, Diedrick shocked everyone when he posted a photo of his character on his Twitter account.

From there, reports highlighting his importance to the show spread online. The actor will portray the role of Halwyn, a Hellhound who is a former resident of Eichen House. The character is related to the evil that will destroy the Beacon Hills after the Ghost Riders and the Wild Hunt. With that, some are still uncertain if Halwyn would be a good or a bad guy in the series. However, it is expected that Diedrick’s character will introduce some unforeseen Hellhound tricks to Parrish, which will eventually improve the actor's skill set.

Matthew Del Negro returns to the show, Dylan O’ Brien is still uncertain

With its remaining 10 episodes, fans believe that som other former characters from "Teen Wolf" will return to the show.

The assumption of the viewers is seemingly right as reports revealed that Matthew Del Negro will reprise his roles as Agent McCall. He will be joining Posey, Roden, and Hennig as they continuously fight for what’s right in Beacon Hills. Meanwhile, it is still uncertain if Dylan O’ Brien and Tyler Hoechlin will return as well.

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'Teen Wolf' in the upcoming Comic-Con

“Teen Wolf” Season 6B was moved into a high-priority time slot as it is believed that it will be the biggest installment of the series. “Teen Wolf” is also one of the most sought-after events in the Comic-Con this year. It was reported that the series will take over Hall H, the largest venue in the convention center where great hits such as “Game of Thrones” and “The Walking Dead” will be featured.

The panel will also feature some of the show’s stars including Tyler Posey, Cody Christian, and Dylan Sprayberry. It is expected that sneak peeks for the final season will be revealed for the 6,000 visitors to Comic-Con.

Deadline reported that "Teen Wolf" events planned for Comic-Con include a cast signing on Friday, July 21 from 10-10:45 am, and a press room event later that morning. Posey is hosting the “MTV Fandom Fest” July 21 from 7-11 pm at Petco Park."