Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have gone their separate ways since "Fifty Shades Freed" has already wrapped up. However, they are expected to see each other again for some movie promotions before the release date. Of course, they are also expected to come together for the movie premiere. "Fifty Shades Freed" will be released on February 9, 2018. In the meantime, the "Fifty Shades" actors are both busy with their respective careers and projects. While Dakota Johnson is busy filming for her new film, "The Peanut Butter Falcon," Jamie Dornan has recently been busy in promoting tourism for Northern Ireland.

Some pictorials for the said tourism promotion have kept the 35-year old actor busy and one photo from the tourism project has caught the attention of eagle-eyed netizens.

According to The Sun, the said controversial photo of Jamie Dornan showed a big bulge in his trousers. Given the fact that he is famous for his hot and steamy role as Christian Grey in the "Fifty Shades" franchise, the fans' imagination quickly turned into overdrive after seeing the photo.

Keep calm, it's just a golf ball

While the naughty comments for Jamie Dornan's photo has already made the photo trending on social media, The Sun reports that it was actually just a golf ball. It turned out that the "Fifty Shades" actor was just a wee bit excited to play golf and was carrying around a golf ball in his trousers for an upcoming game.

Meanwhile, it seems like the rumors about his divorce with Amelia Warner has begun to die down. Spending time away from his "Fifty Shades" co-star, Dakota Johnson, has proven to be quite an effective way to let the divorce rumors fizzle down.

The love triangle that never was

Now that "Fifty Shades Of Freed" has already wrapped up, it seems like all is well between Jamie Dornan, Amelia Warner and Dakota Johnson.

However, it is worth noting that ever since the first installment, Johnson has already denied any romantic relationship between her and Dornan.

In an interview with Metro UK in February 2017, Dakota Johnson revealed that she considers Jamie Dornan to be her dream partner - in a movie like "Fifty Shades," that is. She said that because of the established trust and friendship between her and Dornan, filming those intimate, steamy scenes for "Fifty Shades" became less awkward and easier.

The 27-year old actress elaborated that the relationship she has with Dornan is undeniably one of the fastest yet closest friendships she has made in her entire existence. She ended the interview by saying that she loves her co-star and she really couldn't imagine doing the movie with another actor.