James Mcavoy is a well-known actor best known for the role of Professor X in the new X-Men movies. In order to play the famous comic book character, the star has to shave his head. It has been confirmed that there will be another X-Men movie coming to theaters. The fourth installment in the franchise is titled "Dark Phoenix" and James McAvoy has already shaved his head for the role. The star has come clean about how he feels about the shaved head look in a recent interview.

The actor opened up in an interview about the look

According to io9, James McAvoy has opened up about what he really thinks about his shaven head.

The "X-Men" actor has to shave his head in order to play the role of Professor X in the movies. When speaking with PEOPLE, James stated that he does not like the look. He stated that he gets used to having a shaved head a few days in but that the first few days are a challenge for the actor.

McAvoy is starring in the upcoming fourth movie in The X-Men franchise. The actor has had to shave his head once more for the role. He recently starred in the movie "Split" which required the same hair cut for the actor. McAvoy has stated that he misses his locks as he has not seen them for quite some time.

According to Cinema Blend, the actor has not always hated the shaved head look. McAvoy stated that when he first had to shave his head he quite liked the look.

He thought that the style gave him this mysterious edge. However, the actor has since changed his mind and appears to be sick of having to constantly shave his head for the X-Men movies.

The fourth X-Men movie is in the works

James McAvoy has stated that he has already shaved his head for the fourth X-men movie. The next installment in the series is titled "Dark Phoenix" and is to heavily feature the character of Jean Grey.

"Dark Phoenix" is known in the comic book world as the alternate evil side to character Jean Grey. The “Dark Phoenix” is the all powerful and uncontrollable dark side to her character that the X-Men struggles to control.

Fans of the series can look forward to seeing the Jean Grey story line explored with a new perspective on the big screen.

According to io9, the movie is currently in production however, no release date has been confirmed. The director of the previous movies, Simon Kinberg, has claimed the role of director for "Dark Phoenix." Casting for the movie includes the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, and Sophie Turner.

While James McAvoy has expressed his discontentment at having to shave his head for the role he did say that he likes the fact that he doesn't have to deal with a whole hair routine in the morning. Fans of McAvoy can look forward to seeing the actor reprising his role of Professor X in "Dark Phoenix."