Jeff Davis talked about Stiles, Scott and the mysteries presented in the premiere episode of “Teen WolfSeason 6. Check out below what transpired and what else to expect in the last ten episodes.

Contrary to what is expected, the premiere episode of “Teen Wolf” season 6 featured more Stiles (played by Dylan O’Brien). Fans of the show were worried they would not see much of their favorite character as the actor is known to be very busy with his other projects now.

EP revealed he was elated Stiles made it to season 6B

When asked if the actor is busy, the executive producer told E!

News that Dylan O’Brien is really very busy now. Davis even joked that the actor has to face his assassins and run mazes as well.

The creator also mentioned they originally did not expect Stiles to participate much in the final 10 episodes due to the latter’s hectic schedule. However, the former also emphasized that he really wanted to feature Stiles in Season 6B, even if just in the finale.

As his fans know, O’Brien is now busy promoting his movie titled “American Assassins,” which is set to premiere in September. He also has another movie, “The Maze Runner: The Death Cure,” which is scheduled to be released by early next year.

Despite the overloaded schedule, Davis and O’Brien were able to find time to shoot the scenes of Stiles.

The former even revealed that the “The First Time” star was able to shoot not just the premiere but several episodes too.

What else to expect in the season 6B?

The creator also teased what is next for Derek after being seen in the FBI. Fans would see that the next appearance of Derek would be set in South America.

With regard to Scott (played by Tyler Posey), Davis revealed they wanted to explore this character in the final ten episodes.

Speaking with TVLine, the EP said fans would see more of Scott and that he would be engaged in a great war.

In the other report, the EP detailed that the season 6B would highlight how Scott would fight his own battles. The former explained that they were thinking of giving this character a massive war, and not just a simple battle.

Scott’s war is linked to protecting the Beacon Hills, which would also impact the world as well. The war would involve humans fighting against the supernaturals.

This war plot explains why Jackson (played by Colton Haynes) and Derek (played by Tyler Hoechlin) were featured again in the series. The EP said Scott’s war would include the two villains.

Lastly, Davis revealed some details on the final journey of Scott in season 6B. The werewolf would be forced to choose whether to leave Beacon Hills or stay and win his war. Eventually, Scott would most likely prioritize to conquer and win his war to preserve the werewolves.