"Ghostbusters" is one of the most popular concepts in movie and television history. Even if not all "Ghostbusters" fans were happy about the all-female casts of the 2016 film, there are still a lot of them who fell in love with the movie and are still wanting for more.

Confirmed sequel?

During the "Ghostbusters" IDW panel at the San Diego Comic-Con last Thursday, Director Ivan Reitman mentioned the growing disappointment of fans for the 2016 film because of the cast and the ignoring of the history of the previous movies. He mentioned that going forward, he would love to see a way to cross over the cast of the new movie with the remaining cast from the 1984 film.

That way, they can bridge the two universes together.

Although the new women in the new movie were having great fun making the movie compelling, Reitman thinks that there is something of a loss in the "Ghostbusters" all female remake. This is what IDW is currently doing with their latest comic book series, "Ghostbuster 101."

New story from the comic book

IDW Publishing recently released the new "Ghost Buster 101." Written by Dan Shoenberg and Eric Burnham, this series is about the cross-dimensional portal that allowed the "Ghostbusters" from the past and the present to team-up. Although the comic book will be a great setup for the second movie, it will take some time to bring the heroic ghost to the big screen because of the amount of CGI required.

What will the story be like?

Crossing the line between the past and the present can be a huge step for IDW. There can be a lot of stories to explore too, given how big the "Ghostbusters" history is. One of the easiest approaches for this is to have the originals come back to train the new generation of "Ghostbusters." Since 30 years have already passed, all the previous "Ghostbusters" are already retired.

However, due to a sudden paranormal activity caused by the unexpectedly strong villain, the retired group would need to help the new group of ghost exterminators.

Who will be the next villain?

Since everything is still in the planning stage, the other casts, including the next villain is still not final yet. Since the first film featured the murderous goddess Zul and the second film was the ancient tyrant named Vigo, the next "Ghostbuster" film might bring someone from the other dimension or the afterlife. According to rumors, Satan will be the next one that the "Ghostbusters" will face.