Beginning this August, “The Conjuring” universe fans will be treated with an ultimate scream-fest as three spinoffs are slated to unleash terror at cinemas soon. It will start off with the premiere of “Annabelle: Creation” and will be followed by “The Nun” in 2018 then another installment titled, “The Crooked Man” is also set to be released.

Creator and director James Wan seems unstoppable when it comes to his plans to expand “The Conjuring” series. The horror film franchise is based on the supernatural cases dealt with by real-life paranormal experts and researchers Lorraine and Ed Warren.

‘The Nun’

Apart from the demon-possessed doll Annabelle, who rose to stardom because of Wan’s horror cinematic universe, the appearance of evil nun Valak in the 2016 spinoff also became memorable for many avid fans. That is why it is really not surprising that Wan wanted to pay tribute to the character by making another chapter solely dedicated to her.

As several film franchises are making a debut at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con, New Line Cinema joined the bandwagon and released the teaser trailer of “The Nun.” The sneak peek, which is scheduled to be released online next week, was part of a “Scare Diego” marketing campaign for the upcoming New Line Cinema theatrical releases.

Cast, trailer and release date

Meanwhile, the short but creepy teaser reportedly scared off the crowd at the packed theater in San Diego. According to Deadline, it showed Sister Irene (portrayed by Taissa Farmiga), who woke up in a “Roman monastery" feeling confused.

It was then followed by a scene where she discovered “a group of dark cloaked figures praying before an altar.” But when one of them stood up and approached Sister Irene, it showed “a nun's shrieking demonic face.” Meanwhile, it was also revealed that Taissa’s character won’t have any connection to Lorraine Warren's character, who is played by her sister, Vera Farmiga.

Helmed by “The Hallow” filmmaker Corin Hardy, the spinoff will feature “American Horror Story” star Taissa Farmiga, “The Hateful Eight” actor Demián Bichir and Charlotte Hope. Bonnie Aarons is also making a comeback to reprise Valak’s role. The upcoming spinoff is set to be released on June 13, 2018.

‘The Crooked Man’ and ‘Annabelle: Creation’

Apart from “The Nun,” The Conjuring film franchise will also further expand with a fourth installment titled, “The Crooked Man.” It will reportedly focus on the character of the Crooked Man, who was first introduced in the second installment of the film that chronicled the demonic possession of an 11-year-old girl in 1977.

Based on the reports by Deadline, New Line Cinema enlisted Mike Van Waes to write the script. Wan and Peter Safran, on the other hand, will serve as the film producers. Meanwhile, the spinoff about the infamous demon-possessed doll titled, “Annabelle: Creation,” will premiere on Aug. 11.