The artist known simply as “Khu” is an Actress, director and producer who hails from Southern California. She has twelve feature films to her credit--eight of which have been distributed globally. Khu serves as the COO of “Pikchure Zero Entertainment” and is presently in the process of developing a scripted television series whilst finishing up her second script for a feature film.

In an exclusive Interview, Khu recently discussed her career, her hopes for the future, and more.

Making movies and acting

Meagan Meehan (MM): What prompted you to enter the field of acting and how have you landed movie roles?

Khu: I think the want and allure of acting has always been inside of me. I was brought up in a very conservative household and acting has allowed me to be more outspoken and to break down cultural barriers. I have always had this out-of-body experience of how I am and how I would want to be seen so acting was a natural magnet to gravitate to. When I started to audition for roles, it was easy to fit those “model” castings since I was 5’10” and “unique” looking. First starting out as a producer has helped me understand how characters are portrayed on screen and in turn helped me better understand these roles. Having this experience has helped me land movie roles.

MM: How many projects have you acted in and do you have any favorite characters?

Khu: I have acted in eight projects and my favorite character is El from a romantic comedy called “Dark Cupid” I produced, directed, and starred in. The other lead actress was Deanna Congo, as Kit, who also stars in “Alien: Reign of Man.”

In this movie, my character was kicked out due to “bad behavior.” She is then warned by “G,” played by Eric Roberts, if she doesn’t change she will never regain her wings.

Not heeding his words, El goes around shooting unsuspecting people with her special guns because she believes bow and arrows are out-dated. She dresses the way she wants and acts the way she wants. These guns shoot its target with a temporarily truth serum that makes people reveal what they truly feel. For El, true love is masked with falsity and personal gain and she wants to save these tainted souls and cleanse them.

During her rant against love, El meets Kit, the only person who sees her. Even though El’s presence was not welcomed, she starts to force herself into Kit’s everyday life. El tries to show Kit that love is no longer pure; that her relationships and the people around her are not as they seem.

I love the role of El because she started off believing she is the one who was wronged by the people who took her wings. And with the relationship she builds with Kit, through her relentless torment, she learns that love is more than unfiltered truth and selflessness. I got to play a vengeful trouble maker who had powers, guns, and nice outfits. The dialogue was playful and the story was refreshing, even though I was technically the protagonist; the role was fun.

MM: How did you get involved with "Alien: Reign of Man" and what character do you play?

Khu: This film was a collaboration between Producer/Director Justin Price and me. We produced and distributed a few horror/thriller films and some romantic comedies so we decided a sci-fi/action film was a great change. In this movie, I play Zan, the leader of a secret order on a mission to find a cure for Terminus which is an autoimmune disease plaguing humans on their home planet.

MM: What most interested you about this film and your role in it?

Khu: My favorite genre is science fiction and to be able to work on an original story with open creativity was amazing. The film’s premise, alongside its diverse cast, is the most interesting aspects.

The story touches on the idea of evolution, survival, and one’s own personal battle with completing the mission and finding their purpose in life. These soldiers are humanity’s last hope and they are individually challenged during their journey. They are led by two headstrong women, played by Susan Traylor and Torrei Hart, with conflicting goals.

Since the movie had no precedent, we were able to be more open in casting, which gave us more female characters and diversity. The best thing about this film is what it represents, hope. And I got to play Zan, the leader in this quest! Zan is a willful, resourceful, and talented soldier. She doesn’t use her looks or sex appeal to navigate through dangerous terrains in search of this unknown key, which is destined to save all mankind.

She uses her training and intuition to find the “Spire” that unlocks the cure she seeks, all whilst knowing it’s a suicide mission.

It was a pleasure to play this role because, as history has shown, there aren’t many people with my cultural background fulfilling these roles, let alone by a woman. It was also challenging and different to play opposite an invisible creature. I had to be powerful and vulnerable with a CGI creature in scenes by myself.

Films and forthcoming projects

MM: What were your favorite parts of filming and do you have any interesting behind-the-scenes stories?

Khu: Within Pikchure Zero Entertainment, we like to keep our production company fueled with like-minded and talented individuals.

Traveling to new countries, while filming, was a highlight in this production. We got to see some amazing views and different cultures and lifestyles. I also got to drive on the opposite side of the road which was challenging and fun! There was one day we even had to delay filming because our path was block by cattle. We waited two hours for them to “decide to move.” Their owner said they are a rare breed and get spooked easily so we had to be really quiet.

MM: What are a few of your upcoming acting projects?

Khu: I have two acting projects that will be release later this year, “The 13th Friday” and “Almost Amazing,” and two new projects that will be in pre-production next month, “Reapers” and “Cryonics.” “The 13th Friday” is about a group of friends who unlock a mysterious calendar that curses them with the task of doing its sacrificial biddings.

“Almost Amazing” is about three friends who lean on each other for love advice, but none of them are qualified to give any. With a wedding and jobs on the line, they end up finding what they weren’t seeking: love. “Reapers” is an action/sci-fi thriller about four grim reapers who appears on Earth to restore the balance of good and evil. Each Reaper is given an assignment to take souls spread throughout the wretched city known as Arcane. “Cryonics” is a sci-fi /action/ thriller about a group of immortals who crash-land in a post-apocalyptic world ruled by an indigenous population. Malach, one of the last to awake, must survive the dangers of the planet in order to complete a sacred mission. There are other projects in the works, but it would be easier to check my Facebook page for current updates.

MM: What are some of your big goals for the future of your career as an entertainer?

Khu: I foresee myself directing, producing, and acting in large scale sci-fi, action thrillers. It would be awesome to be a part of a comic book rendition or pre-existing franchise, like James Bond. I would love to portray the live action film version of “Mulan.” I’ve already got the hair, drive, and stubbornness down. But the ultimate goal is to change a narrative, to make a difference in entertainment and positively impact audience’s viewpoint of people like me in this field.

MM: Can you offer any words of advice to aspiring actresses and is there anything else that you would like to discuss?

Khu: The best advice I can give to aspiring actresses now is to never doubt yourself, it’s never too late to start, and with hard work, a stuck car will start moving if you keep on pushing.

There will always be road bumps made to keep you from your goals and I remind myself these are just to make sure you really want it. People like working on projects with like-minded people and kindness is never unwelcomed.