The fourth season of “Gotham” promises to be something and the series was originally set to return on September 28. For some reason, however, the series will instead be premiering on September 21, one week earlier than originally planned.

This is great news for the followers of the TV series with most eager to see the new seeds planted in the season 3 finale. That would include questions on why Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) seems to have taken a new lease as a vigilante and what lies ahead for Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie).

Why the change in schedule?

Fox has yet to announce the reason behind the bump of the season 4 premiere of “Gotham” though folks who have been following it are unlikely to complain.

The only logical reason right now could be scheduling, seeing that Fox has other shows which may be experiencing delays or perhaps some conflicts in time slots.

Villains rising in numbers

Aside from Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon, there are the villains expected to return to the fray. Among them include Jonathan Crane aka Scarecrow who was last seen in season 1. The Proto-Joker Jerome Valeska is reportedly set to rejoin the mix, likely to be woken up from his frozen state.

Aside from the return of these two, it will be interesting what lies ahead for the mainstays. There is the fate of Ridder (Cory Michael Smith), Penguin (Robin Taylor), Selina Kyle/ Catwoman (Carmen Bicondova) and the speculated transformation of Butch Gilzean (Drew Powell) to Solomon Grundy.

There are also the bad guys who remain afloat. Former police captain Nathaniel Barnes (Michael Chiklis) is still on the loose and there is also the curious case of Poison Ivy (Maggie Geha). There are plenty of things to expect — and speculate about — as to the adversaries that Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) have to contend with.

Will Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne unite?

Seeing that both of them have a common cause, Could we see Jim Gordon and the vigilante Bruce Wayne pair up? Most are eager to see if first glimpses of the Batman would be seen in the series despite claims by directors that this would only happen once the series comes to an end. Could there have been changes tied up to that final scene in season 3?

There will be new twists, alliances and rivalries for “GothamSeason 4 with the rumor mill expected to run wild in the coming weeks. Season 4 debuts on September 21 on Fox.

Are you excited to see the upcoming season of "Gotham"?