New Bullet Club member Marty Scurll issued an open challenge to former WWE champion CM Punk to come out of retirement. Scurll, who had a chance to talk about the evolution of his character on the Sam Robert's wrestling podcast, believes he and Punk are capable of pulling off a classic inside the squared circle.

Punk still retired and apparently happy

After completely leaving the sports entertainment industry to pursue a career in combat sports three years ago, CM Punk hasn’t shown any sign of coming out of his retirement. His stance of staying out of wrestling remains firm despite challenges from up-and-coming wrestlers and lucrative offers from several independent wrestling promotions, including the $1 million offer from 5Star Promotions.

Scurll is just the latest of a long list of wrestlers who tried to draw Punk out of his hiatus. “CM Punk, if you're watching, come out of retirement. We can cause quite a bother of a wrestling match. What do you say? And that'd be fun, right? Yeah, that's one for the headlines,!" said Scurll.

The New Bullet club member has been one of the hottest talents outside the WWE, having won the ROH World Television championship and participated in the Best of the Super Junior 2017.

WWE found new blood in Thea Trinidad

Speaking of talent, WWE has reportedly been pursuing Thea Trinidad for months before ultimately signing her recently. Trinidad, who will is set play the role of AJ Lee in the upcoming WWE Studios and the Rock-produced biopic movie about Paige and his family, made his WWE debut on last week's episode of NXT where she was involved in backstage promo with Andrade "Cien" Almas.

Trinidad, a former TNA Knockout champion, had previous appearance in WWE ring as one of the Rosebuds for former WWE superstar Adam Rose and even worked as an enhancement talent for NXT Women’s champion Asuka in a televised match on NXT last October 2016.

Dalton Castle no longer WWE bound

WWE’s top free agency target is now off the market.

PWInsider reported that Dalton Castle has agreed to a new deal with Ring of Honor, preventing WWE from salvaging another budding independent star. Castle, who made his ROH debut in 2013 and established himself as a mainstay for the company following his participation at the ROH Top Prospect Tournament in 2015, was one of the hottest free agents up for grabs the past few weeks before ROH locked him up.

According to reports, WWE officials were very much intrigued by the Party Peacock's character as he somewhat radiates the same charisma a young Chris Jericho had in his early days with the company.