Hugh Jackman became known to the world as Wolverine. He has played the character in “X-Men” for over eight years, and the last film saw a farewell to the fan-favorite role.

A report by Comic Book revealed that Hugh first took on the character in 2000 with the very first “X-Men” film. But the latest is that Jackman will not reprise the role. According to the news website, the actor has refused to play Wolverine in any of the “X-Men” movies. It means the only way Wolverine will return to the big screen is with a new face. Fans of Hugh Jackman are devastated by his decision.

Should Wolverine be recast?

In a statement to Bleeding Cool, Hugh Jackman said that he would not return to the big screen as Wolverine as he was tired of playing this character again and again.

“I understand that fans want Wolverine to come back to the film franchise, but my time as Wolverine has been ended,” Hugh told the media outlet. He last took on the role of "Logan" which saw the demise of Wolverine. Hugh compares his role with that of James Bond and Batman and believes that it’s time to move on from Wolverine and focus on something different.

According to the actor, he may explore the new characters in coming months as he is tired of playing Wolverine. Comic Book reports that Hugh Jackman is currently busy with the shooting of “The Greatest Showman” where he plays P.T Barnum.

What's next for the ‘X-Men’ franchise?

Right now, Fox's major problem regarding the future of “X-Men” films has nothing to do with adapting source material or the aesthetics of an upcoming title.

Instead, the studio is trying to find out another actor for their new “X-Men” movies. Fox is also concerned about how to fit a new star into the franchise. It would not be wrong to say that Hugh had perfectly portrayed Wolverine. His departure from the franchise leaves a void that's hard to fill. Fox has reportedly recruited Hugh to serve as a casting consultant throughout its ongoing search for the new movie.

In an interview with Comic Book, Hugh Jackman claimed that Tom Hardy would fit the bill.

"He’s young, energetic, and hard-working. I think Tom Hardy is great,” the actor stated.

Whoever is selected to follow Hugh’s footsteps as Wolverine will have to fight on the battlefield, just like Ben Affleck (Batman) and Daniel Craig (James Bond). Do you think Hugh Jackman’s decision of selecting Tom Hardy is correct? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below!