Only mere days are left before the latest 20th Century Fox Film, and the fourth spinoff of the “X-Men” movie franchise hits cinemas worldwide (barring an early start at the Berlin International Film Festival). It is, of course, the solo X-hero outing “Logan” starring Hugh Jackman in what’s been hyped as his last appearance as the iconic X-Man Wolverine/Logan.

Several trailers and previews have sold audiences on the film’s more rugged setting and R-rated violence that has been highly expected of fans since the early 2016 action-comedy “Deadpool” with Ryan Reynolds.

As anticipation builds for the official premiere, a certain fan of Jackman is pleased to learn that a story of him personally meeting the Australian actor once in 2009 has entitled him, courtesy of Fox, to an expense-paid trip to meet his idol again at a “Logan” event.

Lucky ‘Reddit’ post

Clayton Spencer of North Carolina had earlier this February commented on a shared YouTube video trailer of “Logan” shared on news aggregation and discussion site Reddit, and related an anecdote about how he once ran into Hugh Jackman in person eight years ago. That time, Spencer was in Seoul, South Korea at their World Trade Center when on line at a Quiznos fast food counter he found none other than Wolverine’s actor right behind him.

Jackman was in Seoul for the South Korean premiere of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” and had simply ducked in for a snack. But that meeting left a major impression on Spencer, who even made a sandwich suggestion for Hugh and didn’t ask for an autograph out of courtesy.

It was a nice little story, but for 20th Century Fox it was enough to call up Spencer and tell him that he was going to New York to an advance screening of “Logan” last week on February 24.

He was appointed a nice hotel, and at a fan event that day he once again was face to face with Jackman after nearly a decade on. "He spent about 30 minutes talking to the fans that were standing outside…and about 15 minutes doing interviews with various news affiliates," remarked Spencer of the actor’s dedication to his fans.

"He devotes a lot more time to the fans, and I really appreciate that." They even got a photo too.

Third time’s the blockbuster

Already reviews from advance screenings are painting “Logan” in a big hit light, a far cry from “X-Men Origins” which is often considered to be the worst film in 20th Century Fox’s X-franchise. Also starring Patrick Stewart in likely also his last outing as Professor Charles Xavier, and Dafne Keen as wolverine’s young female clone Laura/X-23, “Logan” premieres worldwide on March 3.