"Logan" ended up being one of the best movies in the already solid Fox X-Men movie universe. While both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart were amazing in their roles as Wolverine and Professor Charles Xavier, young actress dafne keen was also impressive in her breakout role as X-23, a genetically engineered mutant with Wolverine's DNA. Now that Wolverine and Charles Xavier are out of the picture, Hugh Jackman said that he would love to see X-23 get her own movie, and it sounds like Fox is going to make it happen.

Hugh Jackman talks X-23 movie

Hugh Jackman fought hard to get the R-rated "Logan" made, influenced loosely by the "Old Man Logan" comic book storyline.

However, in the movie, Wolverine was the surrogate father to the new hero of the future, X-23. In the comics, X-23 exists in the same world as The X-Men but the movie showed that all the X-Men were dead, and X-23 looks like she will just be part of a group of young cloned mutants with the powers of the original X-Men characters.

Hugh Jackman believes that fans will buy into a movie with X-23 as the main character. Hugh said that "Logan" was a reboot of the idea that the X-Men franchise should keep taking chances and asking difficult questions. Jackman said "Deadpool" did the same thing but in a different way. When asked about a new Logan, Jackman said it would be better if Fox looked for a younger actor.

That is when Hugh Jackman suggested that Dafne Keen could "absolutely frickin' nail it" if they gave her the role of the new Wolverine. He said that he is sure that audiences would buy X-23 as the new Wolverine.

Fox has plans for X-23

It seems like Fox agrees with Hugh Jackman when it comes to Dafne Keen playing X-23 in future movies as a form of the Wolverine character.

Some people have suggested that they reintroduce her as a part of the current timeline as a member of The New Mutants or X-Force. However, Fox has other plans for X-23.

Producer Hutch Parker spoke to IGN about the ideas for the future and said that there are no definitive plans yet, but that they won't slip the character of X-23 into another X-Men franchise movie to just be a part of something bigger.

Parker said to look at the character in the comics and how important she is there and you will realize that she is big enough to significantly carry her own movie.

There is no word on whether X-23 will remain in the future, in a world where Wolverine is dead. As Hugh Jackman said, taking chances is important, and making her part of a future where no mutants from the original timeline exist would do exactly that.