Last season on the wildly popular series, viewers watched as Sig suffered a major heart attack as he was coming in to dock at the Aleutian Islands port called Dutch Harbor. Since then, he's had to be mindful that there are certain things like too much stress and smoking that could cause him problems. After being cleared by his physician, he returned this season to Captain his fishing vessel the Northwestern.

The captain previously suffered what doctors call a 'widow maker'

Sig has fishing in his blood, and he was captain of the boat by the time he was 24.

Although crab fishing is extremely dangerous, Hansen also has an outstanding safety record. Since he has been at the helm, no deckhands have been lost to the sea. He works hard to insure that every year he meets his quotas and that every member of his loyal crew gets paid.

There is really no way for Hansen to completely avoid the stress that comes along with being a crab boat captain on the Bering Sea. Frigid weather conditions, treacherous seas, staying on top of the crew, and maintaining the crab count all contribute to rising stress levels.

Even though he was advised to quit smoking, he hasn't been able to stop yet, so it's no surprise when Sig began having chest pain on his left side. As he drives himself to the clinic, he explains that his heart attack is always there in the back of his mind, and that it is something that always worries him. He adds that it is making him feel like a "basket case" and that surely can't be helping his current condition.

The news is troubling for the family and friends of Sig Hansen

Sig's brother Edgar Hansen is visiting family friend and captain of the F/V Saga, Jake Anderson, when he gets a call from one of the Northwestern's deckhands. An exclusive sneak-peek video from Monsters and Critics reveals that when Hansen went to be examined at the local clinic, it was difficult to determine what exactly the EKG was telling the doctors there, so it was recommended that he be medevaced to Anchorage, where more testing will most likely be performed.As Jake hears the news he grows concerned, saying that the situation doesn't sound good at all.

This could definitely put an immediate halt on Sig's fishing season, hopefully he is fine and can resume doing the job he loves. If it is something more serious, he could be facing not just an early end to the fishing season, but to the end of his career as a fisherman. Are you a fan of the show? What do you think about Sig Hansen's heart problems, should he retire from fishing before it's too late? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. "Deadliest Catch" airs Tuesday, July 18 at 9 p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel.