Chris Pine could still return to "Wonder Woman 2." The actor, who played the war intelligence officer Steve Trevor in the summer blockbuster, could still be part of the sequel if director Patty Jenkins had her way.

One of the reasons why movie lovers and critics enjoyed "Wonder Woman," aside from the empowering story, was because of the chemistry between Chris Pine and Gal Gadot (Diana/Wonder Woman). It would be a mistake for the studios not to bring back this partnership in the sequel as it fans will look for this chemistry.

There's just one problem, however, and its solution will rely on the writers to explain Steve Trevor's fate.

Viewers may recall that Steve Trevor sacrificed his life in “Wonder Woman” to save the world. Chris Pine's character flew the plane that had the toxic gas that the villains made, which then disintegrated in the sky.

Wonder Woman 2 is its own movie

Patty Jenkins, who wrote the first movie with Geoff Johns and will likely team up again for “Wonder Woman 2” explained her idea in an interview with Advocate. She said that she realized she could do whatever she wants and have her way with the sequel as its writer and director, including retaining the original cast.

"It's another movie. It's its own movie," Patty Jenkins said. “It’s a continuation of the same character, but there's a great, entirely different story to be told."

The sequel's plot

Following her declaration about making a movie with the same characters but with a different story, reports stated that “Wonder Woman 2” could be set during the 1980s and at the time of the Cold War.

The Wrap further reported that Chris Pine’s contract with Warner Bros. implied an option to reprise his Steve Trevor character despite his sad ending in the first film. But then again, the movie had Amazon warriors believing in Greek gods, so anything can happen in the sequel.

Details about “Wonder Woman 2” however remain purely speculations at this time.

Even as Jenkins has stated she’s doing the sequel, the studio has yet to greenlight everything.

Biggest blockbuster

Meanwhile, “Wonder Woman” continues to dominate the box office more than a month after its theater release. According to Box Office Mojo, the movie has already grossed nearly $750 million in ticket sales worldwide as of press time.

The film is still running in some theaters 39 days after it opened.

The movie has also surpassed all of the other sales for recent DC blockbusters like "Batman vs. Superman," "Man of Steel " and "Suicide Squad." The female-led, female-directed movie is making a historic feat in Hollywood.