After the cancellation of the highly anticipated third del Toro “Hellboy” movie, it’s finally getting a reboot. However, it’s going to be darker and R-rated this time.

Meet David Harbour, the new ‘Hellboy’ actor

David Harbour is currently best known for his police chief officer character in the hit Netflix TV series “Stranger Things.” During their panel at SDCC, he talked about the highly anticipated “Hellboy” reboot. He also expressed his love for its comic book counterpart and its previous film adaptations by Guillermo del Toro where Ron Perlman played the titular role.

During their panel, the actor stated that Mike Mignola, the creator of “Hellboy” comics, thought that he should play the titular role after watching his performance in “Stranger Things.” He also mentioned that the producers Neil Marshall, Larry Levin, and Lloyd Gordon, seem to have the same opinion regarding him.

Harbour then continued by complimenting Marshall for deciding to bring a darker twist on the upcoming “Hellboy” reboot. The actor thought that this direction is truer and closer to the comic’s vision. furthermore, the new production also aims to give it R-rated elements.

During an interview with Nerdist, Mike Mignola stated that in the upcoming “Hellboy” reboot, Joel Harlow, an Oscar winning makeup and effects artist will be the one in charge of Hellboy’s iconic look.

The make-up artist is best known for his work on “Star Trek” and “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

Harbour expressed his nervousness after putting on the Hellboy make up for the first time. He said that it was scary because it felt like being the Frankenstein’s monster due to the number of materials attached to him. However, he also found it beautiful because it is made out of materials that allow its wearer to see his muscles and the expression on his face.

Promo art

Back in May 2017, the “Hellboy” artist Mike Mignola revealed a promo art for the upcoming film during Cannes Film Festival in France. The promo art, drawn closer to the comic book’s art style, has the movie’s working title “Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen.

Neil Marshall, known for his work on the thriller film “Descent,” is currently at the helm of the production.

The film’s title implies that they are going to follow the comic book’s storyline that involves the “Queen of Blood,” a British Witch that also dons the nickname “The Lady of the Lake.”

The upcoming film will be produced by Lloyd Levin, Mike Richardson, Phil Westgreen, and Larry Gordon. “Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen” is set to hit the theaters in 2018.