Euron Greyjoy is said to be the next big "Game of Thrones" villain. Pilou Asbaek, the actor who portraits Euron, said that compared to his character, Ramsey Bolton is going to look like a little kid. And we all know how hard it is to beat Ramsey in terms of psychopathic behavior. Talk about what you want about Ramsey Bolton, but Iwan Rheon did an amazing job portraying him and he did set the bar pretty high when it comes to "Game of Thrones" villains.

Last season Euron Greyjoy had a pretty solid introduction when he killed his brother Balon on the swaying bridge.

Then, fans were a little bit disappointed with the Kingsmoot scene where he was proclaimed the new king of the Iron Islands. In any case, he was pretty weak compared to his book counterpart. However, judging by his first scene, this season is going to be a whole another story for Euron Greyjoy.

A quick breakdown of the scene

After Cersei and Jaime had a nice little chat about their complicated political situation, we come to realize that Cersei summoned the new king of the Iron Islands to the court to ask her hand in marriage. Then, in the throne room, we saw Euron Greyjoy looking and acting more like his book counterpart. After a failed attempt to win Cersei over with the Iron Fleet, he promised that he would return with the priceless gift.

And we are left to wonder what could this gift be. Luckily, there are a couple of theories considering this issue so let's delve right into the subject.

Euron Greyjoy's priceless gift

Some theories suggest that the gift will be Tyrion since he was already Dany's gift back in season 5. Personally, I consider this to be a very weak theory since he is heavily guarded now that he is a Queen's hand.

Some people suggested that the gift will be Gendry since we haven't seen him in a while and he is a direct threat to Cersei's claim to the throne. Although it is time that we see Gendry again, I think he will pop up elsewhere.

However, considering leaked photos from a few months ago, the gift is probably going to be Elaria Sand.

Also, this makes perfect sense since there is definitely going to be a sea battle in the next episode so it seems likely that Euron will capture Elaria. And given the fact that she poisoned Myrcella, Cersei won't be disappointed with the gift.

Last, but not least, some suggest that the gift could be Dragonbinder. In the books, Dragonbinder is a magical horn that binds dragons to one's will. If this is the gift Euron was talking about, it could be a real game changer in the wars to come.