Earlier today, Paramore's lead singer, Hayley Williams, shared an image via Instagram that announced the ending of her marriage.

The announcement came in the form of a joint statement, also posted by her now ex-husband, Chad Gilbert, on the same platform.

Hard times

Hayley Williams and Chad Gilbert have been together for almost ten years. It's a sad day for the pair and their families, as they have just announced they are splitting up.

The breakup was announced on each of their individual Instagram pages. On this sad occasion, both artists shared a joint letter that explains the separation to the media and fans alike."We want to state -- plainly publicly, and only this time -- that we are splitting up", their note read.

They go on to say that after being together for quite a few years, they have seen each other grow, and as married couples do, they have supported each other through the good and the bad.

To further explain the situation, they wrote, "There is a challenge to trying to understand another heart, even in spite of your own. Marriage is not for the faint of heart. Love is an absolute risk."

Williams and Gilbert also made a point to express that neither of them is currently holding resentment towards the other and that they will keep being good friends. Just as well, they will continue to support each other even if they are not romantically involved anymore.

They ended the letter by asking the public to give them privacy in this hard time and thanking their fans, friends, and family for their love and support through time.

A long-time couple

The news of the split comes as a surprise since it's been a little over a year after the pair got married.

Hayley and Chad started dating back in 2008. After six years together, they got engaged in 2014, when Gilbert popped the question to Williams on Christmas.

The couple got married on February 2016 in an intimate ceremony. They shared this romantic occasion with their closest Friends And Family. The celebration was held at The Franklin Theatre in Tennessee, where Hayley is originally from.

While Chad is known as the lead guitarist for the band New Found Glory, Hayley is famous for being the front singer in the rock band Paramore.

Back in 2013, Paramore released a love song that detailed the relationship between Williams and Gilbert. The song is titled "Still Into You, " and it was co-written by Hayley and the band's guitarist, Taylor York. To this day, the track is one of their most popular ones and one the few love songs from their repertoire.

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