Fans of the much talked-about Netflix original "Stranger Things" are super thrilled and bracing for Season 2, which arrives in late October this year. For now, the main cast and crew will be trooping to the San Diego Comic-Con.

It is interesting to note that Netflix has adopted a "grow now" tack, as evidenced by massive spending on original shows like the Emmy-nominated "The Crown" and "Stranger Things." Though Netflix still faces the challenge of bucking the odds given global competition from companies operating locally overseas, in terms of the mass appeal of its current roster of shows, the efforts seem to be paying off.

When the "Stranger Things 2" team heads to the convention this weekend, expect fans and artists eager to converge to have a heyday. The San Diego Comic-Con, after all, is where superheroes, supernatural or magical characters, zombies and space beings celebrate common interests, all under one roof.

Geek credentials

Proudly owning their geek credentials, Matt and Ross Duffer admitted that even before the green light was on for Season 2, and way before the public clamor for a renewal had hit a feverish pitch, they had been writing the entire time. Superb characterization, pacing, direction, writing, acting, and various homages to 1980s flicks were but some of the good things that "Stranger Things" had going for it.

With Season 2, avid viewers who have done their homework know by now that the supernatural drama series has added American actress Sadie Sink, 15, and Australian actor Dacre Montgomery, 22, to the cast. The teaser trailer that was dropped during the Super Bowl offered hints on where the show is going in the upcoming season.

Darker and Scarier

There will be more supernatural monsters from another dimension. In effect, the series will not only be "bigger" but "darker, scarier" as well. Finn Wolfhard, who portrays Mike Wheeler, excited fans when he shared on his Instagram account that the filming for "Stranger Things" Season 2 had wrapped up.

Of special note about the series is the acting mettle shown by the actors and actresses.

As the Duffer brothers said, "Our actors are amazing. Lean into them!" The public will get a glimpse of them before "Stranger Things" Season 2 unfolds. The sci-fi hit earned 18 Emmy nominations, including Best Drama Series, Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (David Harbour), Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (Millie Bobby Brown), Directing for a Drama Series and Writing for a Drama Series.