Actress Billie Lourd and her boyfriend Taylor Lautner are making the headlines again, and this time it's not for a happy reason. Online sites like People Magazine and E! Online are reporting that the pair has broken up after dating for the better part of 2017.

Breakup news

After eight months of dating, it seems that the actors have officially called it quits. Since the start of their relationship, the couple, like any modern couple in love, shared pictures on social media. Recently, however, this public interaction ceased. People Magazine reported that Lourd and Lautner haven't interacted on Instagram since May.

While this alone is not proof of anything, Billie has gone so far as to delete older pictures of them as a couple. Additionally, this past Fourth of July, Lautner was seen at a party by himself, adding more fire to the breakup rumors.

All of this information seems to seem to indicate that Lourd and Lautner are no longer in a romantic relationship. However, despite the alleged breakup, it's being said that they are staying on friendly terms.

Of course, until both parties speak out and confirm this, it's all rumors and speculation.

Love blooms

Lourd and Lautner's romance received some positive attention from the tabloids back in December, when their relationship was just starting.

The actors first worked together on the horror tv series "scream queens", but it wasn't until they were seen kissing at a party that the dating rumors started spreading.

The first person to report the news of their kiss was their co-star, Keke Palmer, who shared a picture of that moment in particular to her followers on Snapchat.

Taylor is said to have been a source of great support for Billie, who recently lost her mother and grandmother, actresses Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds.

"Scream Queens"

Both Lautner and Lourd starred in the now canceled tv show "Scream Queens". The series was considered part of the comedy horror genre, and its main plot focused on a serial killer that was targeting the sorority at a local university.

Billie starred as Sadie Swenson, most popularly know as Chanel #3. This was considered her breakout role, as she played one of the main characters since the first season of the show.

Meanwhile, Lautner joined in on the second season as part of the main cast. He played Dr. Cassidy Cascade, who dated Chanel #3 in the series.

You can see Billie on the next season of American Horror Story, premiering in September 2017, and on the next Star Wars film, "The Last Jedi", releasing in December 2017.

Meanwhile, you can catch a glimpse of Taylor Lautner on the re-runs of tv shows like Scream Queens and Cuckoo.