"Happy!" is a brand new comedy cop series coming to Syfy later this year. The series is based on the comic books series of the same name written by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson. The upcoming series "Happy!" was announced recently at the San Diego Comic Con. The series is to follow the character Nick who is an ex-cop turned hitman and his imaginary blue winged horse companion Happy. Nick and Happy make a unique team and the winged horse helps Nick find his humanity together. Casting includes the like of such actors as Chris Meloni, Lili Mirojnick, Joseph Reitman and Patton Oswalt

A cop went mad


" is set to follow the character of Nick Sax. Nick used to be a cop but he left that life behind and turned to the life of crime. He is now a mad ex-cop turned killer in this new Syfy series. The former cop has become a hitman. His life is now surrounded by casual murder, betrayal and soulless sex. As Nick goes about his new life a hit goes terribly wrong and his life is changed forever. Nick is now followed around by an endlessly positive blue winged horse.

The horse is called "Happy!" and acts as a companion to the highly intoxicated hit man. Together Nick and Happy make a strange yet comedic double act, Happy helps Nick to find his humanity again and when the pair hears about the abduction of a little girl they set out to find her.

As they set out to find the girl the pair encounter some obstacles including the enemy of the series commonly referred to as the Money Man.

Patton Oswalt is to voice Happy

The character of the blue winged horse Happy was originally voiced by Bobby Moynihan in the pilot of the series. However, Moynihan has since been replaced by voice actor Patton Oswalt who now voices "Happy!

". Oswalt is a well-known voice actor and has previously worked with the Disney channel. Fans can not wait to see what Oswalt bring to the role of Happy the horse.

The pilot of the episode was directed by Brian Taylor. The pilot was written by Morrison and the pair worked together with the executive producer of the show Neal Moritz.

According to Deadline, it has been confirmed that Patrick Macmanus is to be the show runner of the new series. The first trailer for the series has been released on Twitter.

"Happy!" is due to arrive at the small screen in the new year in 2018. As of yet, there has been no confirmation of an exact date. According to Den of Geek, fans will have to wait a little longer before more information is released on the series.