On "General Hospital," Charlotte Cassadine idolizes her papa. Valentin has been the only consistent parent in the little girl's life. It's clear the father and daughter adore each other, but that may be about to change. Spoiler alerts indicate that Spencer is about to tell his young cousin something so shocking it may change how she feels about her dad.

Spencer's revenge

Charlotte has been asking why her cousin is so mean to her but no one will tell the child the truth.She has no idea that Spencer has made no secret to others that he wants to vanquish her papa. He even asked Sonny Corinthos to take care of Valentin, but Sonny declined.

While at Lila's Kids summer camp Spencer told Oscar and Josslyn that he was living out the tragedy of the character he is portraying in the Shakespearean play, and hinted that he would be successful where Hamlet was not. Viewers realized what Oscar and Joss did not, this a veiled threat to Valentin's life.

In the meantime, Laura has been explaining to her grandson that he should not be seeking revenge on his great uncle. She says that in time it will all work out and the man who killed her son will be punished. Spencer assures his grandma that he will work within the system, and that's why he hired his Aunt Alexis. Ms. Davis is representing her young nephew in a civil suit against Valentin, who is also her half brother.

Spencer goes in for the kill

On Friday, Spencer went to "General Hospital" to visit Ava Jerome who was the last person to see his father alive. The two bond over their mutual affection for Nikolas and each other. Spencer tells Ms. Jerome that he has filed a civil suit against his uncle Valentin in order to reclaim all that rightfully should be his. Ava agrees to be a witness in court and to tell everyone she saw Valentin shoot Spencer's father, also including the fact that Nikolas died saving her life.

A preview for Monday's episode confirmed the spoiler alerts. It shows Spencer and Charlotte talking at summer camp. The young prince matter of factly tells his cousin that her papa murdered his father. The look in the little girl's eyes is one of bewilderment and disbelief. Spencer is showing himself to be a true Cassadine and a formidable opponent for his uncle.

Valentin loves that his daughter thinks so highly of him and until now, she has had no idea of what goes on in his adult world. Spencer Cassadine has now changed all of that with one brilliant move. He has successfully put his uncle in check.

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