"General Hospital" spoilers reveal that there will be a huge manhunt for Spencer Cassadine, played by Nicholas Bechtel, this week. Little Spencer has been kidnapped, and looks like Laura (Genie Francis) will freak out and accuse Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) of kidnapping her grandson while she's in panic mode. Everyone will be on edge this week as they scramble to bring Spencer home to his loving and very worried family.

Laura accuses Valentin in Spencer's disappearance

According to a report by Soap Opera Spy, "General Hospital" viewers will watch as Laura reaches out to Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) who will help investigate Spencer's kidnapping.

Dante will quickly head over to question Valentin as he is leaving the Metro Court with his daughter, Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez). "GH" fans know that Valentin previously made a promise to Charlotte that Spencer would no longer be a problem for her, but did he go as far as to kidnap him? Dante will be all over the situation, and expect some major answers from Valentin about his possible involvement in Spencer's disappearance.

Dante is on the case

However, Dante won't be the only one on the case. Nathan (Ryan Paevey) will also be doing some digging of his own when it comes to Spencer's disappearance. "General Hospital" spoilers reveal that Nathan will have a connection that he believes could possibly help, and he'll make a call in hopes that he can find any answers or information about where to find Spencer.

What is Dr. Liesl Obrecht's next move after being fired from the hospital?

Meanwhile, Dr. Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) will have a business proposal for Nina, and "GH" fans can't wait to find out exactly what kind of an offer she'll be making. Obrecht's proposition will likely have something to do with her career situation as she's now been fired from General Hospital.

All the while, Finn (Michael Easton) will get some upsetting news from Monica (Leslie Charleson). Did Finn fail yet another drug test?

Julian asks Alexis for a big favor, but will she find it in her heart to help him?

In other "General Hospital" news, Julian (William DeVry) will beg Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) for a huge favor.

Julian will plead with Alexis to be a witness for the defense during his trial. Will she find it in her heart to help him out, or will Julian find himself in some big trouble? Tune in weekdays on ABC to find out what happens with your favorite "GH" characters.