"General Hospital" spoilers reveal that fans are getting a very important character back. Actress Kirsten Storms is officially back on set and filming in the role of Maxie. The actress has been on leave from the show for months, and "GH" fans have sorely missed her and the relationship she shares with Nathan. However, she'll soon return to Port Charles, making the summer even sweeter.

Maxie officially returns to Port Charles in July

According to the latest reports, kirsten storms officially returned to the set of "General Hospital" in mid-June, and since fans know that the show films about one month in advance, "GH" viewers can expect to see Maxie back home in Port Charles in the next couple of weeks.

Many fans know that Maxie was last seen on the show back in February, and when Storms left the soap it was supposed to be for a 3-month break. However, the break extended, and fans have been missing the beloved character for about five months now.

Rumors began to fly about why Kirsten Storms was off of "General Hospital." Some fans assumed that the actress was suffering from drug addiction issues, however Storms called out fans who claimed she was using drugs on social media, and revealed that she actually suffered from severe depression. Multiple "GH" believed that Kirsten may have been in treatment dealing with her depression during the time that Maxie has been off the show due to the fact that her ex-husband, Brandon Barash has been seemingly parenting the pair's daughter, Harper, solo in recent months.

Brandon has been showing off multiple snapshots of himself with his adorable daughter, and when he had to leave town for work, he revealed that his mother, and not Kirsten was caring for the little girl.

As many "General Hospital" viewers know, this isn't the first time that Kirsten Storms has left "GH." Back in 2016 Storms revealed that she was dealing with skin issues and the soap hired former "Days of our Lives" actress Molly Burnette as a temporary recast for the character of Maxie.

Most fans know Molly as Melanie on "DOOL," and she kept the ball rolling for Maxie while Kirsten was away. However, this time around Maxie was written off the show, making fans even more eager to have Storms back.

'GH' fans are thrilled by Storms' return

Meanwhile, "General Hospital" fans are thrilled that Kirsten Storms is healthy enough to return to the soap opera as Maxie, and are eagerly awaiting the moment when she and Nathan reunite on screen again. The reunion is sure to be emotional, and fans are looking forward to seeing what storylines "GH" has cooked up for the super couple now that Storms is back in action on the show.