Here is the latest news for this week's "General Hospital" (GH).

Carly Schroeder returns as Serena Baldwin

Heads up, "General Hospital" fans! Carly Schroeder will make her most-awaited return on the longtime soap opera series. The former cast member has now grown up to become a beautiful lady and now, she's ready to reprise her notable role when she was just a child.

Serena Baldwin is the daughter of Scott (Kin Shriver) who had remarried Lucy (Lynn Herring). The 26-year-old actress will play as an older version of her old character. This will be Schroeder's comeback role after taking on the role for six years from 1997-2003.

According to Soap Digest, they made it all happen in honor of the Peter Hansen who died last April. Hansen previously portrayed Lee, Scott's dad. The official account of "General Hospital" teased her return by sharing a photo featuring Schroeder and her fellow actors.

The cast including her onscreen parents welcomed Schroeder with warm greetings on social media while the actress talked about her upcoming return. “I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful return,” Schroeder said. “Kin and I still have the same mannerisms! He is like my second father.”

July 10 spoilers

The soap opera series will pick up after Ned and Olivia's wedding but a lot of people aren't feeling the love. In the latest "General Hospital" spoilers, Ned and Olivia celebrate their marital union with their close friends and relatives but not everyone is having a good time.

The upcoming episode will also feature an update on Joss who wasn't happy about Carly's relationship with Sonny.

Joss and her mom aren't on good terms since the latter married Sonny. She wanted her dad back in their lives but it seems that won't be happening anytime soon.

Carly asked her daughter to maintain a cordial relationship with her stepfather.

In the last episode, Sonny apologized for what he may have done to her dad but Joss isn't having it.

The couple discussed the issue and Sonny thinks that it wouldn't be a problem. However, they didn't know that things will go from bad to worse when Carly grounded Joss for her behavior.

Joss obviously did not take this well and she's now looking for a shoulder to cry on.

Fortunately for her, she may have found one in Oscar who texted her to meet him.

'General Hospital' replaces Oscar actor

A new Oscar will appear in the upcoming "General Hospital" episodes. "GH" has tapped on Nickelodeon actor Garren Stitt to play the role of Oscar.

Rio Mangini, who made his two-episode debut a few weeks ago, had to leave the show for another project. She Knows reports that Mangini will appear in the upcoming series "Everything Sucks" on Netflix.

Despite the sudden re-cast, things might go well for Joss and her love life. There is a chance that she will take her relationship with Oscar a little bit further as they shared similar interests.

How can Carly and Sonny deal with Joss and her teenage angst phase? Will they find her on time? What will Joss do after she gets grounded?

"General Hospital" airs on ABC.