As one of HBO’s biggest hit shows, “Game of Thrones” has one of the most intense fandoms in all of the TV-land. However, it seems that the show is getting to some of the viewers too much because actress Carice van Houten recently admitted to receiving death threats because of it.

Taking it too seriously

In an interview with The Telegraph, van Houten, who plays the Red Woman Melisandre on “Game of Thrones” said that she has been subject to some intense hate from viewers of the show. She said that some even went so far as to send her death threats online because of her character.

Melisandre or the Red Woman, the character that van Houten portrays, was introduced as one of the prophets of the Lord of the Light who was closely associated with Stannis Baratheon. At first, she was certain that Stannis Baratheon was the “Prince that was Promised” to inherit the Iron Throne. As Stannis’ confidante and adviser, The Red Woman was instrumental in the death of Stannis’ brother Renley Baratheon and his daughter Shireen who was burned as a human sacrifice to win the Battle of Winterfell.

This, according to the actress was what triggered “Game of Thrones” fans to send her death threats on Twitter en masse. “some people take it a little bit too seriously,” she said in the interview.

She later redeemed herself in Season 6 when she resurrected another contender for the throne, Jon Snow. Van Houten admitted that she was beset by a different kind of emotion from netizens when she received marriage proposals for her role in Jon’s new lease on life.

Allegiance to the queen

It can be recalled that in “Game of Thrones” Season 7 Episode 2 entitled “Stormborn,” Melisandre paid a visit to Queen Daenerys Targaryen when she landed on Dragonstone.

As she pledged her allegiance to the Mother of Dragons, Melisandre also shared the prophecy about the “Prince that was Promised” and said she believed that Daenerys was the one who was destined to rule the Seven Kingdoms.

The moment caused a breakthrough for fans as it was earlier believed that the “Prince that was Promised” was a man.

Based on Missadrei’s interpretation, however, it was revealed that High Valyrian was not gender specific. This means that the prince could well be a princess. This could also mean that the Lord of the Light could be looking at Daenerys as the next ruler of Westeros.

However, with Daenerys’ fleet taking a hit because of the surprise ambush by Euron Greyjoy, it would be interesting how the Mother of Dragons exacts her revenge on Queen Cersei in “The Queen’s Justice.” The third episode reveals Euron’s present to Cersei and how the Unsullied will launch an attack on Casterley Rock, the stronghold of the Lannisters.