The Fans have been really worried about Matt Brown ever since they heard the news that he was injured. When this news first came out, the fans heard that it was a lot worse than it really was when all was revealed. Tonight on a new episode of "Alaskan Bush People," the fans thought they would finally get to hear what happened to Matt because a fan page shared that it would be revealed tonight. They have been teasing it for awhile and once again they didn't show the fans everything.

When news came out about Matt Brown's injury, there were a lot of various reports. TMZ finally shared that he was injured by some kind of explosion.

Their report was that Matt had to get nine stitches in his head after an explosion that happened in his fridge. They said that it all happened at Matt's house and was allegedly from something he had put in his fridge, that obviously didn't belong there.

What did the show share about what happened to Matt?

Tonight Matt Brown was talking all about how he wanted to build a puppet that blew fire out of its mouth. He called it a "Dragon Bull" and explained that he was going to give it wings. His brother told him he could catch himself on fire or end up burning down his home. When this scene started, everyone expected this to be the way that Matt ended up injured. Instead, he tried to make it breathe fire and he just ended up catching the entire thing on fire instead.

This wasn't what ended up getting Matt hurt and taken to the hospital. Matt does some crazy things and the fans will probably not be shocked by what happens.

Matt's injury only seen in a sneak peek

Instead of showing the fans what they expected to see, which was what went down with Matt, they just showed it in a sneak peek and teased that it will air later this season.

It didn't even say that it would be on the episode next week. On the preview, the fans got to see what appears to be a fire. Then you hear them saying that they have a medic on the way. They also say that they need to prepare for an evac. You can also see Matt Brown covered in blood, but they don't share the details.

Were you shocked by not getting to see what happened to Matt again?

Were you really worried about him when the news came out about Matt being injured? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Alaskan Bush People" on Wednesday nights on Discovery. A new picture did show that Ami Brown seems to be doing well, which makes the fans happy to hear that news.

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