'Game of Thrones' is back, and it is just as bloody, shocking, and exhilarating as all the other seasons. The first episode of Season 7 premiered on July 16 and 17 for the US and UK, respectively. The first episode had a record-breaking number of views with 16 million Americans watching it on the night of its release. And while most of the fans are just happy the series is back, many others are complaining about Ed Sheeran's cameo appearance in the first episode.

The fan abuse became so terrible for Ed Sheeran that is suspected that this might be why he deleted his Twitter account.

It was, however, a short-lived delete as it was reported by the Independent that a few hours later he started it up again.

Fan problems with Ed Sheeran's appearance

So, what exactly was wrong with Ed's appearance? Well, firstly, fans don't appreciate his lack of disguise. When other celebrities such as Will Champion, the Coldplay drummer appeared in 'Game of Thrones' it was exceedingly difficult to actually pick them out. There is no disguising who Sheeran is though.

To add to his lack of a disguise, there is the blatant reference to Ed's new album, "Divide" when Arya comments, "That's a pretty song."

What GoT fans have been tweeting

Unhappy 'Game of Thrones' fans took to Twitter to show their disapproval of Ed Sheeran's cameo appearance.

Looking at some of the tweets about Sheeran, it is really no surprise that he has deleted his Twitter account, even though there were some reports that he disappeared off the account even before the GoT fans roasted him.

A common theme in the tweets is the hope that Ed Sheeran's first appearance on 'Game of Thrones' is also his last.

This is quite vividly demonstrated by tweets such as this, "Next week on #GameOfThrones, "A long lost direwolf eats Ed Sheeran's face" ... and I'm OK with that."

True 'Game of Thrones' fans don't allow room for any mucking around with their series, it seems.

Ed Sheeran's thoughts on the matter

As a result of all the fan abuse, Sheeran distanced himself from his Twitter account and later deleted it.

When he came to Twitter, the majority of his fans had disappeared from his list of followers, according to The Independent. Last month Sheeran threatened to delete his Twitter account because of some of the negative reactions to his Glastonbury Festival Performance. It will be interesting to see how long his account remains active and if his detractors will give him some space.