Ed Sheeran, the singer-songwriter, just made it official that he is quitting Twitter. The singer chose to quit engaging with his social media following after hateful comments that he got from online trolls, some of which were believed to be fans of Lady Gaga.

He also added that some people on Twitter have nothing else to do but only say the mean things. Sheeran, despite his massive success in music, faced numbers of critical messages from the followers of his fellow musician, Lady Gaga. Meanwhile, Lady Gaga defended the singer-songwriter from all the trolls online and wanted to put an end to this cyber-bullying.

Sheeran to post on Twitter via Instagram

A report from Entertainment Weekly has revealed that the singer-songwriter will not be totally absent from social media. His fans will still see him post some of his recent activities and all links will be generated and connected automatically to Twitter through his Instagram account.

Amid the recent comments he faced from online trolls, Sheeran explained that his dad has taught him not to pay attention to trolls. In fact, he also had a recent conversation with his dad and he told him not to just sit there and listen to people calling him whatever they want.

Further, another report from Entertainment Weekly also shared that the singer is now back on the road. He was fresh off the Glastonbury Festival and he is ready to take the road for his North American Tour in support of his latest album.

Lady Gaga defends Sheeran

It is believed that the online trolls which bullied the singer-songwriter were part of the fan-base of Lady Gaga. As a result, Gaga came to the rescue and defended Sheeran from the trolls. Gaga took to Instagram and showed support toward her fellow musician. She wrote that she loves Sheeran as an artist and he deserves all the love and respect fans can offer.

A report from 9News also shared that Gaga appealed to all her fans on social media to be positive and to show nothing but love to the musician. The "Bad Romance" singer also wrote, " No reason to tear down an artist simply because they are on top. Work harder to be kinder everybody."

Gaga decided to post her message on Instagram following the news that the 26-year-old Sheeran will no longer engaged in social media due to the Twitter backlash.

Meanwhile, Gaga wanted to put an end with this cyber-bullying and she certainly did her part. Despite the tension, it is good to know that both artists have shown love and support for each other's career and music.

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