Donald McAvoy is actor James Mcavoy's half Brother. However, the pair reportedly has never met. James is not in contact with his father and has had no interest in meeting his half brother. His father and Donald McAvoy have been heavily involved in a life of drugs and James' half brother has now been arrested and charged for holding an individual hostage in a terrifying abduction. Donald McAvoy has been charged and is now being sent to jail for a time period of 9 months. There has been no comment from James McAvoy about Donald's arrest.

Donald and friend abducted and beat individual

Donald McAvoy and his friend Stephan Killen abducted a man and held him hostage in the terrifying abduction. The victim was Zahid Sattar and, according to The Sun, he allegedly owed a drug debt to the two attackers. The 39-year-old father was found by the pair and forced into their car. They then drove him around in the car for 2 hours while demanding the money that he owed.

Zahid has revealed that both McAvoy and Killen were demanded a sum of £5000 in drug money. The man feared he was going to die at the hands of his kidnappers. The men reportedly beat Zahid as they drove him around. When the victim appealed for calm the pair drove him to an ATM machine where he was only able to withdraw funds of £200.

Zahid was then handed over by McAvoy and Killen to a third individual who drove him around for another 2 hours.

McAvoy's father hopes one day the family will reconnect

With Donald McAvoy serving his nine months in jail and James McAvoy not in contact, the father of the boys hopes that one day they can put their differences aside and come together as a family.

According to the BBC, James McAvoy Senior stated that he understands his son's decision to cease contact with his family. He has stated that he is happy for his son James and hopes he has a good life.

James has never commented on his relationship with his half brother Donald. Many reports such as the Daily Mail, have stated that the pair have never met and it appears that James wants to keep things this way.

There has been no further comment from James McAvoy Senior or Donald McAvoy.

James' mother divorced his father when he was only seven years old. He was then taken in by his maternal grandparents and raised by them in a council house. It appears that his half brother did not have these grandparents as good influences on his life and thus fell into a life filled with drugs, violence, and crime.