Warning: Light Spoilers if you haven't seen "Logan"

Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart announced "Logan" as their last film. The film comes to a tearjerking climax as the respective Wolverine and Professor X finish their final journey. But seeing the film begs the question: "is this truly their last "X-Me" film?"

Patrick Stewart and 'Deadpool'

Patrick Stewart was quick to come forward about teaming up with Wade Wilson, otherwise known as "Deadpool." According to CinemaBlend, Stewart expressed interest in returning as Professor X. During an interview he explained "I would have said yes, but the discussion just now about "Deadpool" makes me think, maybe there is a proper justification for the revival of Professor X." Whether or not that's confirmation that he'd reappear is iffy.

Professor X could be handed solely to James McAvoy, which was the plan before Patrick Stewart came forward and sparked his interest. If he returned in "Deadpool 2," that'd reveal what part of the timeline "Deadpool" is portrayed. Would you rather see McAvoy or Stewart represent the mind-bending mutant? Check out the teaser for "Deadpool 2:"

Hugh Jackman about Wolverine

Hugh Jackman has been clear about his final portrayal as the claw slashing mutant. Like Patrick Stewart, however, some conditions would revive his interest as Wolverine. Another note from CinemaBlend is Jackman's comment about returning; while Stewart is leaning toward Deadpool 2, Jackman would stick around for an "X-Men" and "Avenger's" crossover.

The chances are slim, but if Marvel and Fox banded together to make it happen, it could.

A scene where Captain America and Iron Man exchange with Logan would be flawless if done well. You toss this possibility together with Stewart in "Deadpool," and we could be looking at a "Deadpool," "X-Men," and "Avengers" universe—although it's highly unlikely, one could always dream.

Would you rather "Logan" be the last call for Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart? Or would you rather see them reappear in other Marvel Media? Time could only tell. Catch "Logan" in theaters now.