The new Doctor (Doctor Who? you ask) has officially been picked. The 13th iteration of the time lord, who has saved the earth and most fo the rest of the universe several thousand times over is finally going to be a woman. Jodie Whittaker was named on Sunday morning through an announcement trailer that had thousands of women and girls screaming with delight. Viewers of the female persuasion are far from the only ones who are cheering yet another female lead role in a very popular science fiction series.

Doctor Who breaks the Internet

There have been rumors about who the next Doctor was going to be almost immediately after it was announced Peter Capaldi's run was coming to an end.

There had been talk that the role might go to a minority actor, though keep the lead a male. Idris Elba was one name circulating quite a bit, even after rumors of him joining "Doctor Who" were shot down rather quickly. The excitement over just whose face would inherit the iconic role after yet another regeneration got the Internet quite excited once it was clear BBC was going to be making an announcement.

Certainly, there were some people who were truly angry that the next Doctor is going to be a woman. Those people were usually pointing to tradition since the role had always been male before now. It seems the anger over having a female lead has more to do than just tradition to some. There are viewers who have said they will no longer watch the show once Whittaker officially takes on the part.

Other fans of the show have been making it very clear, they won't be missed. There are other fans of the program who are reminding anyone who thinks "women" are the reason Whittaker was given the role, need to understand who the showrunner still is.

Just who is the new Doctor Who?

Jodie Whittaker is not a name many American fans of "Doctor Who" are going to be able to place. The actress has largely done work that has stayed across the pond in and around the UK.

Those who are big fans of BBC America are about to get a bit of a treat as they are more or less introduced to the actor. Those who might have heard of Whittaker but cannot place her might have seen her in "Broadchurch" the series she is best known for before "Doctor Who".

Those who have not seen her work yet, are going to be seeing it rather soon. The next season of "Doctor Who" is right around the corner. The big question now is just who or what will take down Peter Capaldi's iteration, requiring the new actor?