Celebrity power couple George and amal clooney finally gave birth this Tuesday. They welcomed two twins, a boy, and a girl. They’ve officially named them respectfully as Alexander and Ella Clooney. The anticipated addition to the Clooney family leaves Hollywood glad they've finally arrived. Many opportunities in the future are already laid out for the both of them with parents like George and Amal. A spokesperson for the happy parents spoke with People magazine Wednesday. The representative stated that the two welcomed their new babies early in the morning on June 6, 2017.

Latest developments

The mother and newborns are all doing fine. Amal sustained a healthy pregnancy. Sources say, George, on the other hand, has been sedated and is expected to recover from the recent birthing process he just witnessed within the next couple of days.

Not long after the new additions to the Clooney family came into the world, fans from all walks of life broke the internet with thousands of good wishes to first-time parents.

George painstakingly joked with news reporters stating that he intended to name his children after a business established by his family, Casa and Amigos. He laughed at the fact that Amal said she wouldn’t ever let him to that to the kids.

Julie Chen was the first person to reveal Amal and George’s pregnancy announcement.

During an episode of The Talk last February, she commented that she congratulated the 39-year-old legal advisor and her A-listed husband after hearing the found out they were having twins.

New found George

Back in the day when George was single, he regularly boasted to the public that he was a man that didn’t look ever to have children.

His thoughts quickly changed after he tied the knot with Amal in 2014.

In an interview on Entertainment Tonight back in March, George said even though he didn’t know if he and his wife were fully prepared to bring two people at the same time into this world, but his mindset did know for a fact that he would find the experience to be a pleasant one.

Amal, 39, did have a healthy pregnancy followed by a smooth labor and delivery. A few weeks ago, a close friend of the new mother mentioned to the press that the human right's attorney is a phenomenal woman.

The insider noted that not only is Amal in excellent health, stimulated and envisioned motherhood; she is also keeping things simple just to make the whole experience worthwhile.

Both George and Amal frequently expressed their excitement to become new parents, especially in the last few days that lead up to the birth of their new bundles of joy.