Kate Middleton is undeniably one of the most fashionable royals in the world, and many women are looking up to her fashion choices from head to toe. One of the best assets of the Duchess Of Cambridge is her long, flowing locks. The spotlight seemed to be always on Kate until Meghan Markle entered the scene. The 'Suits' actress became even more famous when she was confirmed to be Prince Harry's girlfriend. Since then, the public seemed to be noticing some similarities between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, especially their physical appearances and sense of fashion.

Of course, their similarities also garnered some unwanted opinions and comparisons.

The Duchess of Cambridge has remained graciously quiet about the issues, but she has recently made a major hair change that sparked speculations that she might have done it to stop the comparisons with Meghan. According to Mail Online, Kate Middleton was spotted wearing a shorter haircut during the Wimbledon games.

A major six-inch cut

Ever since Kate Middleton became part of the royal family, she has maintained her long, flowing, glorious wavy locks. Despite being a mom of two, she has managed to keep her seemingly high-maintenance hair in place, until now. While some attribute the haircut as sheer practicality or as a necessity for moms of active toddlers, some also speculate that it might be to lessen the comparisons with Meghan Markle.

Apparently, Meghan Markle's hair color and style seem to be similar to the Duchess of Cambridge's one. Both had long, flowing dark locks that seemed to have bouncy, curls made for a hair commercial.

Kate Middleton means business

According to Mail Online, Kate Middleton's new hair seems to be sending off a message that she's going in a new direction in life.

Gone are the days when she was depicted as a sweet, girl-next-door who got her dream come true to marry a prince.

Kate Middleton's fresh, new haircut speaks volume of empowerment, governance and has a quite "I mean business" vibe. Perhaps in one way or another, the hair makeover of the Duchess of Cambridge was also meant to give a message that she is not someone who can easily be compared to others and, specifically, to the potential royal Meghan Markle.

Perfect for a summer trip

Huffington Post also reports that Kate Middleton's new hairstyle is in preparation for her upcoming summer trip to Germany and Poland. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are reportedly scheduled to visit Germany and Poland from July 17 to July 21.