"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that many former characters are returning for visits and long storylines. Most recently it was revealed that the former character of Bonnie Lockhart would be returning to Salem as a part of Angelica Deveraux's scheme to get revenge on her enemies. This means actress Judi Evans will be pulling double duty as she'll portray her current character Adrienne Kiriakis and her former character Bonnie at the same time.

Bonnie Lockhart is on her way back to Salem, will Mimi follow?

As many "Days Of Our Lives" fans will remember, Bonnie Lockhart is the former wife of Mickey Horton.

Bonnie and Mickey met and married after Mickey believed that his longtime love Maggie had been killed by the Salem Stalker. After it was revealed that Maggie and the rest of the victims were not dead, but being held prisoner in a place called "New Salem" by Stefano DiMera, Maggie returned home and Mickey gave Bonnie the boot. However, she got everything she could out of him in the divorce. This means that Bonnie and Maggie could have some interesting scenes ahead.

Farrah Fath previously held the role

However, Bonnie's returning "Days of our Lives" has many fans questioning if her children will follow suit? Could Bonnie's son Patrick return, or possibly even her daughter, Mimi, who was previously played by Farrah Fath?

Longtime "DOOL" watchers know that Mimi was the high school friend of Belle, Shawn, Chloe, and Philip. However, things got rocky between the friends after they graduated.

Mimi's dramatic Salem story

Despite Shawn and Belle being high school sweethearts, Belle and Philip got married as did Shawn and Mimi. Both couples were having fertility issues and opted for in vitro.

Shockingly, there was a switch at the clinic and Philip's sperm fertilized Mimi's egg, while Shawn's fertilized Belle's. Shawn and Belle later welcomed their daughter Claire while Mimi and Philip decided to sign the rights to their child over to the surrogate mother, Lauren.

Would Rex return as well?

The "Days Of Our Lives" drama was always high with Mimi around, and many fans would like to see her return to Salem for some fresh new storylines.

Perhaps the NBC soap could bring back, Mimi, Shawn, Belle, and/or even Rex Brady, whom Mimi had a serious relationship with in the past. Many fans would like to see the former friends interact again, and since there are so many "DOOL" returns coming, it's possible that Mimi could be one of them.