As far as action movie icons are concerned, few garner the volume of love and attention that fan-favorite Sylvester Stallone. Career-wise it was in the 1980’s when this superstar became known for his talent. Many Stallone fans would even argue it was when he took on the role of John Rambo in “First Blood” back in 1982 that is really the moment that put him on the map.

Tiger Shroff and the reboot

While reboots tend to go one of two ways, Tiger Shroff has decided to visit the vault once more and reboot the “Rambo” franchise. Naturally, Sylvester Stallone and “Rambo” fans all around the world have had very mixed feelings about this revelation.

Namely, will Stallone be a part of the reboot? The other big question being if Stallone isn’t a part of the “Rambo” reboot, will it really be any good without him?

Stallone made a statement

According to media outlets, Sylvester Stallone recently gave a very brief statement regarding whether or not he would have anything to do with the “Rambo” remake. In the statement, he said he “wished them well” and also included the words “on their own.” With this statement, Stallone basically wished Shroff luck while making it clear that he would have nothing to do with the reboot. Many believe this statement was released in order to squash any and all hopes or rumors that the action superstar would have anything to do with the reboot.

Obviously, this news comes with a lot of mixed feelings for both “Rambo” and Stallone fans. There are many who just aren’t sure the reboot is going to be any good without the superstar at the helm. Many media outlets, however, have pointed out that Sylvester not returning to the franchise for the reboot doesn’t necessarily mean the reboot isn’t going to be any good.

As stated previously, reboots tend to go one or two ways. There will be some people who can’t see past the fact that Stallone wants nothing to do with it and will never be able to enjoy it. There will be people who are new to the “Rambo” franchise. And there will be people who are just happy the franchise has been rebooted and won’t care that Stallone isn’t in it.

As long as the “Rambo” reboot itself isn’t a total bust, Sylvester Stallone shouldn’t hinder the movie’s success as there will always be an audience for the franchise to appeal to that will enjoy it regardless. The real question is – are you going to give the “Rambo” reboot a chance even though Sylvester Stallone has made it clear that he has nothing to do with the project? Do you think he will see the reboot even though he doesn’t want to be in it?