"Days of Our Lives" fans will be officially saying goodbye to another Salem resident in August. Rumors have been building for the past several weeks that huge changes were coming to 'Days' with the writing and the cast. It now looks as if fans will see the last of Actor Jordi Vilauso who plays Dario Hernandez according to Soap Hub reports.

'Days' actor calls it quits

As the popular NBC daytime soap wraps up with final episodes of the former head writer Dena Higley subtle hints have been put into place revealing the distinct possibility that Dario is planning to leave town one way or another.

Dario is a shady character, Abigail, who recently became Dario's wife is more than determined to get to the bottom of her new husband's illegal activities.

Will Hope put her relationship with Rafe on the line?

Abby is not the only one in Salem who doesn't trust Dario Hernandez. Hope Brady has been looking out for her younger cousin and has already informed Abby that she overheard a phone conversation between Dario and a mystery man revealing that he is expecting to come into a large amount of cash in the very near future.

This news has many "Days" fans believe Dario knows more than he has let on about the mysterious missing amulet that Deimos lifted from Sonny. It could also mean that Hope is getting one step closer to finding out who really killed Deimos and that JJ and Sonny may be off the hook.

If Dario Hernandez turns out to be the killer, then this could put a new strain on Hope and Rafe's relationship. It also would make sense in explaining Jordi Vilasuso's departure.

What will Dario's future hold? It would make sense to have Hope arrest Dario sending him to prison; it would also leave open the opportunity to replace Vilasuso's role later down the line.

However, it is "Days" we are talking about so killing off a character and having them return from the dead in the future is not unheard of at all.

If Hope has the goods on Dario, she may go after him alone hoping to spare Rafe the pain of arresting a family member. There could be a struggle between Hope and Dario finding them both injured and at death's door.

This may be one-way new "Days" head writer Ron Carlivati makes his presence known. As previously reported, Carlivati is itching for "Days Of Our Lives" fans to become completely engrossed in his new and exciting storylines.

Fans are also very eager for Higley's storylines to wrap and find out just what intriguing new drama and excitement Salem residents will be embarking upon including the return of Sami Brady.

Vilasuso first made the switch over to "Days of Our Lives" back in 2015, after he replaced actor Francisco San Martin. Jordi Vilasuso is best known via the daytime soap circuit as "Guiding Light's" Tony Santos and as Griffin Castillo on "All My Children". What are your thoughts will Dario Hernandez disappear, be arrested, or will he be killed off?