Hey, "General Hospital" fans. Congratulations on making it to another Friday. These upcoming July 10 to July 14, 2017, episodes will feature a couple of warnings getting served up to various people. Good intention-filled plans will not work out correctly. Nathan will experience a lot of devastation. Sam will get really mad at Julian and so much more. ABC revealed these interesting spoilers via the people at Soaps.com.

Seeing through the lies

To kick off the week, Monday's July 10 episode will feature a scene with Carly. At some point, she's going to start seeing through all the lies.

So, that sounds like it could certainly be intriguing. Next, Charlotte and Dante will have a pretty fun-sounding moment. They say that these two will share a little dancing session which should be sort of entertaining. In the third and last scoop for Monday, Nina will have some sort of run-in at the Wyndemere. What will this run-in entail? That's the big question for that scenario. It sounds like it could be interesting whatever it turns out to be.

In the Tuesday, July 11 episode, Anna will be engaging in some intense-sounding action. They tell us that she is going to blast the WSB at some point. So, we could get a very drama-filled scene out of that situation. Next, they will show a moment that involves Nathan and it won't be a good one for him.

They say that he's going to be really devastated about something. They didn't mention what he's upset about. So, that'll be something we're interested in finding out when this episode airs. Lastly, they revealed that Finn will be feeling very anti-social as he will just keep to himself.

Fly off the handle

They revealed three more teasers for the Wednesday, July 12 episode.

At some point, Julian is going to do something that really causes Sam to fly off the handle. What does Julian do? That's the burning question for this storyline. Elsewhere, we're going to see Bobbie in action. They say that he will end up thinking of a better idea. They didn't mention what the idea is for. So, we'll have to tune in to see what that's all about.

In the third scoop, they revealed that things aren't going to be working out right for Josslyn because she will continue to travel down the wrong path.

In the Thursday, July 13 episode, we will see a situation take place that involves Sonny using Oscar to serve his own advantage. Bobbie and Felicia will share a scene at some point. In it, Bobbie will receive a warning from Felicia. This situation definitely sounds intriguing because we certainly want to know what this warning is all about. One more teaser for Thursday reveals that Amy will end up giving Nathan a call at some point. That sounds like it could offer up another intriguing moment.

Good intentions

The week will cap off with the Friday, July 14 episode.

In it, we'll see Spencer receive a warning from Laura at some point. Elsewhere, Kiki will try to demonstrate something that's back by good intentions. Unfortunately, it will totally backfire on her. Lastly, they say Nathan will end up going rogue. Stay tuned.