A “Dance Mom” special aired on Tuesday showed an emotional Abby Lee Miller as she confessed her deepest fears about her fate ahead. What concerns her most is her safety inside the prison.

Former 'ALDC' coach deepest fears

The former “Dance Moms” star started serving her 366-day sentence on July 12 but not before sitting down with lifetime for a special “

”This special episode for “Dance Moms” details the reality star’s deepest fears and how she deals with her blunders in the past. The former ALDC coach fearfully aired her concern for safety, underwear and salad bars as reported by US Weekly.

She broke down in front of Jedediah Bila from “The View” telling her that she probably won’t survive.

“I am petrified,” the 50-year-old reality star was quoted saying by ABC News. She admitted to being worried about physical abuse that is likely to occur inside the prison. Miller could only hope that it’s not as bad as she’d imagined. She believes that people serving behind bars are resolute in their decisions, especially when it comes to making one’s life miserable. Saying this, she came to the conclusion that she won’t probably survive prison life.

More so, the Lifetime personality expressed her worry over the jail-issued underwear, thinking that it wouldn’t fit. She fears that she'll be discriminated because of her size.

It's bad enough that they issue used underwears, those undergarments won’t probably fit her.

Another major concern is the food options available behind bars. Miller reportedly underwent bariatric weight loss surgery in April, opting to remove 80 percent of her stomach. She complained that they might not have healthy food, saying that they may not have a salad bar inside.

She also believes that fresh fruit and vegetables are hard to come by inside the prison.

'Dance Moms' star defends her past actions

Aside from revealing her deepest fears about prison, Abby Lee Miller also opened up about her past mistakes. She owns up to all of them, admitting that she made bad decisions in the past. However, she implored that she’s not a horrible person.

She may have been stupid with her decisions but she’s not an evil person, Miller confessed. However, what’s even scarier is the prospect of not having anything to go back to after she survives prison, the former “Dance Moms” coach said.

The choreographer was charged with bankruptcy fraud, concealment of bankruptcy assets and false bankruptcy declaration in 2015. Abby Lee Miller is now at the Federal Correctional Complex, Satellite Prison Camp in Victorville, California. Check out a snippet of the "Dance Moms" special episode in the video below.