Former "Dance Moms" star, Abby Lee Miller checked into Federal Prison last July 12. Now, her Lifetime special, an exclusive tell-all gave the public about how life is presently for her.

Miller has pleaded guilty the past year to bankruptcy fraud. She admitted to hiding hundreds of thousands of dollars from the government in salary and endorsements.

Miller and her 366-day sentence

Miller is now in the Victorville, California Federal Prison, according to USA Today. She was recently interviewed by "The View" co-host Jedediah Bila, where Miller divulged information about her sentence, how she feels about being in prison, and much more.

Abby Lee Miller confessed that she is petrified about being in there. She also added that she probably wouldn't survive if it is as bad as she presumed it to be.

Later in the interview, Miller was able to meet with a federal prison consultant, who tried to make her feel at ease about her situation. Miller was terrified of being physically abused. She was also concerned about inmates being molested.

Miller also opened up about her estranged relationship with one of her former co-stars in the reality show "Dance Moms." Per The Hollywood Gossip, Miller talked about Maddie Ziegler, who is likely the most popular alum from the show. According to Miller, her former student did not even bother to mention her (Miller) in a memoir.

Miller said that Ziegler has become successful in different endeavors, which all involved dance and dancing. If Ziegler had not been in her studio in the past, she would not be where she is right now. She explained that Ziegler's parents might have helped her, but as a dance teacher, she also had her fair share of nurturing her student's talents.

Did Miller admit to messing up?

Now that Miller has been placed behind bars, does she admit to her wrong doings? She said only to an extent. She added that her primary mistake was trusting the wrong people with her finances.

She also said that she is not a horrible, evil person. She just made some mistakes and thought that since she was paying everyone back, the rules did not matter - but surely, they are there for a reason.

In closing, Miller was hopeful that she does not "get murdered" inside the prison.

The Abby Lee Dance Company will carry on with its operation under Abby Lee's former student, Gianna Martello. The former TV star was also worried about how her dance studio will manage without her.